Philosophy – Views of Pornography Essay

Harmful – fast food, violent movies, violent video games, alcohol, drugs Given choices, can someone purchase porn under 18 Pornography (by depicting sexuality in a graphic and explicit fashion) does not merely serve to offend some members of society, but it serves to actually cause “harm” society, therefore it ought to be censored (see Module 12). 1. What is pornography? 2. What is the difference between pornography and erotica? Is a picture of Michangelo’s statue of David erotic or pornographic? 3. What exactly about pornography makes it objectionable? . Is it possible for pornography to be harmful? 5. If pornography is harmful, exactly what is it about pornography that makes it harmful? 6. What is the remedy for the possible harm that may be produced by pornography? 7. Is it possible that any feasible remedy for pornography may be more harmful than tolerating the existence of pornography? Position 1 tends to reflect the libertarian stance that people should be free to openly enjoy pornography and that, at the end of the day, no real harm is done by exercising this individual freedom.

Position 4 could be described as the “soft libertarian” position in the sense in that it recognizes that some people will find pornography distasteful, but that any effort to “correct” this situation will result in a greater evil for society (loss of liberty/paternalism etc … ) and so the appropriate response to produce the least amount of overall evil for society is tolerance. what kind of harm does pornography purportedly inflict on society? Argument of transferring the depection of the porno into reality

Politically speaking, under one view, pornography is something that an enlightened or liberal society could tolerate even if it did not find it personally appealing or becoming. Under the other view, pornography is morally objectionable and promotes injustice toward a class of persons, something that no society (enlightened or liberal) is likely to tolerate. 1. Melinda Vadas’ – “A First Look at the Pornography/Civil Rights Ordinance: Could Pornography Be the Subordination of Women. ” 2. William Parent’s – “A Second Look at Pornography and the Subordination of Women. Pornography (by depicting sexuality in a graphic and explicit fashion) although may offend some members of society, it does not cause “harm” to society. Premise 1: What is pornography? Premise: 2 Two side explain – harmful vs. choice Premise 3: How is it harmful. There are laws in place to protect what is deemed as harmful (child pornography…etc. ) 2. 2. 2 Pornography and Offense: Justifying restrictions on the public display of pornography 2. 2. 3 The dangers of censorship 4. 1 Feminist arguments against pornography

Objection: How can you be in a legitimate relationship with more than one person. It is impossible. Reply: Is it impossible. Although one may make the choice to not be with more than one person, this is their choice. The choice as well works for individuals who choose to be in a relationship with more than one person. In this essay I will argue that it is possible for a legitimate relationship to include more than two individuals. First of all it is important to define what a legitimate relationship is, so that the term can convey as to whether this could include more that two individuals.

After uncovering the meaning of legitimate The subject of what a legitimate relationship can be argued from both perspectives. The word legitimate is defined as “according to law”, “in accordance with established rule, principle, or standards”, “born in wedlock or of legally married parents”, “in accordance with the laws of reasoning; logically inferable”, “of the normal or regular type or kind”, and “genuine”. The term “according to law” places emphasises on a relationship being only legitimate if it is legal.

Based on this principle one would argue that polygamy which is a marriage between more than two people is illegitimate because it is unlawful. This can be further expanded to which law it is according to; religious laws versus legal laws. Relationships are consistent with the laws of what specific religion or the laws of which land. Which law is the legitimate one to defining relationships? In an article that was posted in The Star newspaper quoted a Islamic priest who openly performs polygamous marriages in accordance to the * laws which allow for multiple wives states “overturns any laws of the country”.

Therefore a legitimate relationship can be between more that two people with reference to the laws of religion. Legitimate is further defined to be “in accordance with established rule, principle, or standards”. These are recognized as personal or specific basis of conduct or management. Therefore, if my principles are to have infinite love for human beings as taught by Mormon religion, could I not have a legitimate relationship with more than one person? If my principles are not to envy or be jealous of others could I not share my partner with others?

If my relationship is in accordance with my principles then is it not legitimate? The word legitimate is further applied to children who are born from parents who are not legally married. Illegitimate are those “born in wedlock or of legally married parents”. Couples who consist of two people can produce illegitimate children because they are not viewed as having a legitimate relationship, because they are not legally married. Therfore, if they produce illegitimate relations then therefore their relationship is therefore illegitimate. The word also means genuine.

If a person is in a relationship with more than one person and it is “genuine” is it not then a legitimate relationship. Genuine also mean unadultered, true, and real. If there is a relationship that is open, honest and sincere this would make it true and very real. At this point it can be concluded that legitimate can have many different meanings. These meanings can be further explored by applying the word from different laws, principles, … If it is established that the relationship is genuine and based on principles and even in accordance with parts of the world based on aws then it is therefore legitimate. The relationships can be viewed as being There are relationships which consist of only two people that do not meet the definition of legitimate and therefore do we say these relationship are not real? I would ask which law is the correct one, whose principles and standards are correct. Is the small village * in Nigeria which states a man can have upto * wives versus Toronto Ontario whose makes it illegal to be married to more than one individual, or in * where legitimate between same sex couples, but in Toronto Ontario this is legitimate?

Relationships that are viewed as legitimate, according to western society, are mainly those between man and woman who are married. This form of legitimacy stems for Natural Law in which (check source**) where sex is between man and woman for two reasons: unity and procreation. Due to the influence of Natural law in the western legal system this categorizes all other relationships as wrong; this including polygamy. Being unrecognized whether it is homosexual couples, those who have chosen not to marry, those who do not have sexual intercourse or those who have multiple partners are not recognized as being in a relationship?

The consequences of not recognizing these couples as being legitimate further filters into resources available for married couples such as legal and economic benefits (e. g. , joint insurance policies, benefits (pension), bereavement/sick leave for parent spouse inheritance laws). Why should our laws only benefit a percentage of the population? The laws which define what a legitimate relationship is must be adjusted to include those that are not normally defined as man and woman.

These changes have slowly taken place in the abolishment of Anti-miscegenation laws which banned interracial marriage and sometimes interracial sex between whites and members of other races. Progress throughout North America to allow same sex couples to marry has evolved since 1999. Although there is much controversy around same sex couples marriage there is still a change taking place. These laws must continue to evolve to include the needs of polygamy society, because if looking at the past it has been proven that relationships not considered the norm can and do exist.

Evolution of the laws have taken place to include what is deemed illegitimate cohabitating couples in 1999 in Canada and then in 2005 all provinces and territories in Canada made it legal for same-sex couples to be married. The evolution of laws is also apparent within the United States. This evolution of laws that represent the democratic society will continue and should continue to evolve to truly represent western society thus including those in polygamous relationships. The consequence of not recognizing relationship between individuals whether that be homosexual or polygamy can cause these groups of people to … Self-esteem, not accepted

Prejudices we assume that those in polygamous relationships are pedophiles, molestors, abusers, descreation of the family unit just as many people assumed homosexuals to be. The prejudices against the group of people practicing polygamous hider them from making associations with other outside of their group. This can be seen in Utah, Bountiful in BC (get facts), where communities with the same beliefs are grouped together and left to be without the support of the rest of the communities.

They are segregated against and therefore so are their offspring and such. Religions (muslim) alone in the Toronto are at * on the rise and through immigration the Canadian laws with have to further adapt to include not only the same sexual orientation, but also those with multiple spouses to have the same rights. The world is changing and what was once defined as legitimate must be adjusted to include other groups of people. The system and people must recognize that relationship extend beyond a man and woman who can only reproduce.

There are seniors getting married, couples with physical disabilties unable to consummate their marriage as defined by law (this was in book pull the resource) What are the consequences of not including groups of people Breaking down the prejudices against those in polygamous relationships – whether is be religious/spiritual reasons Allowing people the freedom to choose their lifestyle Consequences are groups who share the same beliefs that are not accepted into society segregate themselves and create self-sustaining communities amongst themselves in order to maintain their beliefs.

The issues then is that they and their children are not allowed the same opportunities as those in mainstream communities access to education, medical services, jobs etc. This can be comparable to the homosexual community that congregates to one are where they feel comfortable and accepted. This paper will take into account the history of polygamy, but will mainly focus on western society views on polygamy and the consequences o f not accepting that a legitimate relationship can exist between more than two individuals. Are there different types of polygamists?

There are generally three major polygamist ideologies. One is represented by the folks of Colorado City, which takes a very conservative approach, saying that the purpose of intimacy is for procreation only. Another ideology which teaches that intimacy is to be enjoyed, is more typical of the AUB, Apostolic United Brethren. The third iealogy teaches that men and women as individuals are capable of making their own decisions in regards to lifestyle and belief, and that neither the church nor the state should interfere in family matters. These folks are sometimes referred to as Independent Mormon Fundamentalists.

So while polygamy is not legal, the laws against it are not enforced. // But in general if you avoid a marriage license, and don’t represent yourselves on official documents as being married, and don’t let them declare that you have a common law marriage, then you can do what you want without worrying about it being illegal. .) Essay Sources 50% of your outside sources (sources that are not assigned class readings) must be non-internet based (book, newspaper or journal article – I will accept online scholarly journals, like those found in JSTOR, as an exception to this rule).

This applies to both essays. K. ) Restricted Essay Sources Both essays must have NO Wikipedia content whatsoever (no citations or quotations). L. ) Essay Title Page Both essays must have a title page with the student’s name, student number, the title, section number, the date submitted (to be matched against the e-mail time and date stamp). M. ) Essay Bibliography (or Endnotes page). Both essays must also have a separate bibliography page listing your cited sources and (if applicable) a separate endnotes page (or included footnotes in the text). N. ) No Graphics

Both essays are to contain no pictures or graphics whatsoever. O. ) Number of Essay Sources The number of outside sources cited in both essays should not exceed the number of pages of the body of your essay (not including title page, bibliography, or endnotes page etc … ). What this means for each essay is: a. ) Your five page minor essay should not cite more than five outside sources. b. ) Your six page major essay should not cite more than six outside sources. Jagger, Gill, and Wright, Gillespie. Changing Family Values: Difference, Diversity and the Decline of Male Order. Routledge: 1999

Gillespie, Paula, and Neal Lerner. The Allyn and Bacon Guide to Peer Tutoring. Boston: Allyn, 2000. Article in a Newspaper Cite a newspaper article as you would a magazine article, but note the different pagination in a newspaper. If there is more than one edition available for that date (as in an early and late edition of a newspaper), identify the edition following the date (e. g. , 17 May 1987, late ed. ). Brubaker, Bill. “New Health Center Targets County’s Uninsured Patients. ” Washington Post 24 May 2007: LZ01. Krugman, Andrew. “Fear of Eating. ” New York Times 21 May 2007 late ed. : A1.