Being taught in school Essay

An important question regarding people today, from the ages of 9 to 90 is why is physical education important? Physical education is important for a number of reasons, one of the biggest reasons being that if someone is physical fit and participates in physical activity daily, the chances are, their going to live a longer, healthier life than one who is not physical fit and does not participate in physical activity on a daily basis.Another big reason is physical education and athletics help define a person and shape them and people can learn a lot about themselves by participating in activities, such as how well they handle situations, anger problems, and maturity. These reasons, among several other reasons which will be covered is why physical education is important and should be essential to everyone’s life.First of all, physical education is an educational process that uses physical activity as a means to help people acquire skills, fitness, knowledge and attitudes that contribute to their optimal development and well-being. Physical education should be introduced to children from the time their communication skills with the parents develops, although most children don’t experience what physical education is until they enter school, with which physical education is being taught in school.

It’s important for parents to communicate to their children before they enter school on why physical activity is important because America is on the incline with obesity rates and children should know that being well fit, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and that participating in sports helps socially incline the child, among helping with motor skills, coordination, flexibility, etc. If physical education is taught correctly, it can develop physical and mental skills as well as develop a sense of self.By participating in physical activity, a student’s skill will naturally increase. If a student never tries then their skill will never grow. The mental skills they develop in a physical education class are problem solving skills. If a student is performing an activity, they will automatically notice things that they can do to make them more efficient.

Another way this happens is by failure, such as if a student gets beat once, that student will figure out a way to stop the action and they will not get beat that way again.In a team sport, one works with others, mastering their communication skills and how other people react to different situations, including themselves. Through successes and failures, they define who they are. In an individual sport, students are dependant upon themselves. If they push themselves then they will have a better opportunity to win. The amount of effort a student is capable of putting forth to win is also a defining characteristic. Another big reason why physical education is important in today’s society is because it helps a lot of young teens and adolescents’ self esteem and confidence.So many kids are out there thinking they don’t have a purpose in life, until they pick up a basketball or start throwing a baseball, and realizing that they actually do have potential in something, and can work to be a great player in a certain sport.

Self confidence can not only be how you feel, but how you carry yourself and giving someone confidence that didn’t have it before is very important because now the person can start believing in themselves and start setting examples for other young people.Another thing that being physical active does is that it motivates kids and gives them determination. Seeing professional sports on TV, kids look up to those super stars and hope to one day, be like them.

Working and striving hard to become good at something takes dedication and commitment. Dedicated and commitment can’t be taught to kids by words. It has to be experienced in one’s life in order to know the real meaning of what dedication and commitment are. When kids are dedicated to something to try to be great like their heroes, they are learning something about themselves.

Being dedicated and committed to a certain something also keeps students, and kids all around the world out of trouble. With crime being a problem in today’s world with young people, sports are a big way to help lower that rate. It’s proven that a kid who participates daily in physical activity or is on a team is less likely to go out and commit trouble. There is more to physical education than playing an actual sport though. Physical Education is teaching people, students, or kids how to live a well maintained, overall well rounded-life.It’s about teaching students the right things about being physically active and choosing healthy foods over other foods. For an example, physical education can be about learning the food pyramid and teaching young students that having wheat and grain is way healthier than having fatty, salty foods.

A typical, regular person should work out 3-5 times a week, for at least 30 minutes a day. In order for most individuals to know this, they have to have some knowledge or have been taught something in physical education.Knowing that is a part of physical education that involves more than just picking up a ball and playing a sport. There is more to physical education than that, and its part of everyone’s daily life and that’s why it’s important. Physical education is such an important part of everyone’s life, because it includes so many things that people don’t even realize. Taking the daily walk around the block every night has to do with physical education as much as the stereotypical physical education of everyone playing a certain sport inside a school gymnasium.More people should realize this too, that there is more to it than most think and that it is very important in everyone’s life. Having a broad knowledge of physical education is almost essential to live a long, healthy life.

Not being physically fit, or good physical standing can lead to heart problems, weight gain among several other things. Something as little as doing a little aerobics class can be as helpful as to decrease someone’s chance of getting a heart attack. Aerobics is very good for the heart, because it strengthens the muscles in and around the heart.Picking up 2 pound bar bells and doing a few repetitions can help decrease the chance of having joint and flexibility problems. All of these things are reasons why physical education is important and why everyone should have some knowledge in the area of physical education and what it means and how to live a physically active life.

In a world today, where everyone is on the go and fast-food is such an important part of people’s lives, physical education is becoming more and more important with how we Americans live our daily lives.