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There are many terrifying aspects in “nineteen eighty-four. ” One is the fact that there was absolutely no individualism at all. Even inner party members, like O’Brien, did not have any individuality at all, as their whole life depended on carrying out the party’s work. The lack of individuality was shown in many different ways. The first was Newspeak. Newspeak was the official language of Oceania. It was a language created by the party to stop people having thoughts against the party as they would not have words to express their feelings.

The language consisted of three vocabularies, This language prevented people from speaking their minds and almost succeeded in taking away their individuality completely, as Newspeak would turn the people into clones. The orthodox people felt guilty about having thoughts or feelings, which shows the complete control Big Brother had. This is illustrated in the way that Winston had to hide his diary from the telescreen. He was afraid, as he knew the consequences for him having a diary and showing that he thought and felt.

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The idea behind the thought police and the telescreen was terrifying as everyone was being watched and risked being arrested if they were caught doing anything against the party. Even scarier than the fact that no one had the right to feel or think individual thoughts, is the fact that they are forced to think in the way Big Brother wanted them to do so. Anyone thinking something that the party did not approve of would be committing thought crime. This was a crime punishable by twenty-five years in a forced labour camp or even death.

This is a particularly terrifying thought as the labour camp was an idea used by mass murderers, Hitler and Stalin who used theses camps to punish people during the second world war, as Orwell and other people living in 1949 experienced. The idea was daunting as this kind of dictatorship experienced in “nineteen eighty-four” was reality and had happened in some form to the people in 1949. To these people, they had seen it happen and thus making nineteen eighty-four very believable. The ideas of Stalin and Hitler are shown many times in the novel.

In the novel, it says that, every morning the people woke up to do a series of exercises. They were called “Physical jerks” that each party member had to do without showing dismay, annoyance or tiredness. This was to keep them at physical peak. To keep them in training. This was something Hitler did with the ‘Hitler Youth. i?? The people had to make sure that they did not show any emotion on their face as the Telescreen was always watching them.

The Telescreen was summed up, with this statement,’People could not let their thoughts wander in front of [the Telescreen] as their facial features may not be perfectly under control. i?? Every party member had a Telescreen in their homes, which could tap in at anytime and monitor their movements, but apart from the Telescreen, the people were always being warned that Big Brother was always watching them in many different ways. The novel describes how ‘There were posters on every corner reminding citizens that Big Brother was always watching them. i?? The Thought Police and Police Patrol also made sure people never forgot that fact.

There were ‘helicopters skimming down on between the roofs, a sign of the police patrol snooping into peoplei?? s window. i?? At one point Orwell describes the streets as colourless except for the posters of Big Brother. Big Brother was everywhere so no one could escape. Another terrifying aspect in the novel, was the loss of relationships. Big Brother eradicated all relationships between friends, lovers and family members. The loss of relationships between friends is shown in the fact that people were not allowed to love each other, only Big Brother.