Physical Security Survey Simulation Essay

In the physical control simulation for the Magnolia Utility Citizen’s Cooperative I had to survey the entire building’s structure thoroughly and interviewed the staff while in their working environments for the best data for the physical control form needed for the completion of the project for Magnolia V. P of finance for the project’s approval. From the visual standpoint the challenge of improving the reliability of the physical networked infrastructures presents us with significant analytical and decision-making complexities, with both technical and policy relevant dimensions.In this security survey I will be using predominantly examples from the staff’s interviews and other security elapses that present two perspectives on these complexities. First is to present critical human error infrastructures as complex adaptive systems, which share certain characteristics that policy makers and managers need to account for.

Secondly, the balance of the paper outlines will focus on improvements of the analytical and decision-making complexity, and presents the research and policy-making agendas that need to be addressed if we are to significantly improve the reliability of physical infrastructures.The Layout map shows the direct connection to each department the potential lack of defenses against deliberate attack, critical infrastructure protection, and any human error leading to future incidents in the physical security. In the majority of the building region the main issues were of the staff lack of knowledge or lack of proper protocols to prevent the lost of confidential documentation like in the Warehouse region.

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In the Tool and Distribution Center there were elapses in protocol when the staff member allowed the disbursal of tool without following the department’s documentation policy for a friend.In some areas security are up to par for the necessary observation over sensitive entities and access controls. Neither of these perspectives is purely technical or engineering based but can help isolate future issues.

Success in increasing the reliability of physical securities infrastructures will require much more analytically sophisticated research in, among other topics, the issue areas identified here will need addition in the ongoing technology-based research.