Physics Ia Design Essay

Introduction Background Theory The usual equation for measuring electric current flowing through a series is I = V/R.

The current flowing in a series is affected by the voltage and the resistor that is also creating the series. Electric current is a flow of electric charge through a conductive medium. These charge is in a form of moving electrons in a wire. The SI unit for electric current is ampere (A) and can be measured by using a device called ammeter. Change in temperature can change the current carrying capacity of a conductors.Since we know that change in temperature can make the conductors expands or contracts. That is why the change in temperature can change the conductivities of a conductors, that is why there is a possibility that the current will also affected by the change in temperature. Research Question What is the relationship between temperature and electric current of a series? Hypothesis As the temperature goes higher, the electric current will decrease since an increase in temperature will decrease the current carrying capacity for conductors.

Variables •Independent: The temperature of the conductor, and the direction of the current (parallel or opposing each other) •Dependent: The electric current flow through a wire •Control: The length and diameter of a wire Experiment Design Material and Equipment •Ammeter •4 sets of wire with alligator clip •Digital Meat Thermometer •2. 0 ? Resistor (4) •6v battery •Hot air blower •Ice pack • Procedures 1. Make different temperature of each sets of wire to vary, to make hot by using the how air blower.

Make it cold putting it into the ice pack. . To measure the temperature of the wire, wrap the wires around the tip of the digital meat thermometer 3. Record each sets of wire temperature 4. Connect a sets of wire with the alligator clip to make a series circuit with 2. 0 ? resistor, Connect it to a 6v battery to make a series circuit. 5. Place the ammeter to the circuit to measure the electric current flow through the series and record it in the table below: The relationship between temperature and the electric current of a series Trial 1Trial 2Trial 3 Temperature (?C)Current I (Ampere) by using ammeterCurrent I (Ampere) by using I = V/RCurrent I (Ampere) by using ammeterCurrent I (Ampere) by using I = V/RCurrent I (Ampere) by using ammeterCurrent I (Ampere) by using I = V/R 6.

From the data collected, analyst the electric current measured by using the ammeter and by using the I = V/R equation. 7. By using the data gathered, plot the graphs determining the relationship between the temperature and the electric current of a series and derived a new formula 8. Calculate the percentage of error of the experiment.