Pied Beauty Essay

‘Comment closely on the language and form od Pied Beauty, paying particular attention to the ways in which Hopkins expresses his response to the natural world. ’ Gerard Manley Hopkins has a large and vast appreciation of nature. He values all creatures and believes every one of them is beautiful. He was a very grateful religious man; he always praised God for everything. His theory was that everything in the world should be praised no matter what they looked like; everything had a beauty within them.

He wants us to glorify God and all his creations. He begins the first paragraph with, ‘Glory be to God for dappled things’. Most people usually only appreciate the good in life, things with beauty. Most people wouldn’t even consider giving appreciation to anything which isn’t. However Hopkins wants to glorify God for ‘dappled things’, he wants us to not only praise what is pretty but everything. He is trying to give off the message to thank God for all he has given us whether it is a rat or a peacock; he wants us to praise God for it.

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Hopkins has a large use of oxymorons, this has a greater effect on his overall message in the poem. He uses such opposites; provides us with such a strong contrast of language. Words like, ‘swift, slow; sweet, sour; adazzle, dim’. These oxymorons go back and prove his point, to appreciate all of our world’s beauties. Not just the one which is prettier or the one we like more but everything. Hopkins was a very creative person as well; he liked creating new words for his poem. One of them was ‘rose-moles’ which in a way was another oxymoron.

In the world we live in, we only praise what has beauty not what we find ugly. This is why he combined the two words rose and mole to make rose-moles. He wanted us to come to a realization to also like these creatures, to love them as well. He feels just because moles are ugly does not mean they shouldn’t have the privilege to be praised. He built a connection with these words; he wanted us to have the same love and appreciation for roses to moles. What Hopkins really wants to feel is gratitude towards God for providing us with all these wonderful things.

He wants us to be thankful for everything, not just what provides us with happiness but everything we have been given. Every creature, every flower and every tree, he wants us to praise God for it. Hopkins has a hidden message behind his poem, it’s a religious one. He was a very religious man himself, he was a priest. He feels we should all glorify God for the gifts he has given us, to provide him with thanks for everything. No matter what it looks like, ugly or beautiful be grateful for it for it has been given to us and we must appreciate it.