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The polices of M&S in china is very important likefor every company who is about to enter into a new market or about to enterinto a new market there strategy should be make such polices that shouldappropriate or they should take into consideration what market they are goingto enter this is the same case for the M&S. for china they cannot use thesame polices they are using in England or anywhere else they have make new anddifferent polices taken into consideration Chinese market and consumer. Becauseevery market is different from other markets and even because china is such abig country they cannot even rely on one type of polices for all over the chinathe market in china is very diverse in different regions.Planning-Proper planning is the most important thing inbusiness because it can prevent lots of problems and solve it as well.

But lackof planning can also cause much of the trouble that’s the thing M&S reallyhas taken onto consideration because when entered in the Chinese market theyreally lacked at it. Some people said that M&S did not do its home work. Atthe inauguration of their first showroom. The show was half empty and did nothave a single food product for three month which was a very big setback for acompany just entered into a new market.

So, M&S should make their plansmore effective.Pricing/Mindsetof the consumer-M&S should revise their price strategy because oneof the main reason M&N struggled in china because of their pricingstrategy. As stated in the case study the product M&S was offering mediumrange product in market as they do in their other markets. But china isdifferent than other markets because Chinese consumers the products were nottop of the line like Gucci, Prada or other companies like this. And theirproduct were not that cheap that average person can afford it. So, this themain variable M&S should take into consideration.Languagebarriers-M&S should also take care about the languagebarriers because some the times it can be a very big factor can create a bigproblem for the company because one time when M&S were promoting theirChristmas cracker, but the people thought that was the Chinese crackers. Competition-M&S’s one of biggest variable is to take intoconsideration is the competition they are facing in the Chinese market.

Chinesemarket is the one of the biggest market in the word, so every company wants tograb it. M&S are facing very much competition internally from the brandalready in the market also some the big brands trying to get into the Chinesemarket. So, M&S should worry about competition.Diversity-As we already discussed that the china is a very bigmarket.

It is so big that all the strategy M&S make they cannot rely onthat for all the Chinese market because Chinese market is very diverse, and itspart can be completely different from other part. So, if M&S wants tocapture all the Chinese market their plans and strategy should diverse andaccording the part of the market there are focusing on.Consumerneeds-One of the main variables for adaptation in Chinesemarket is consumer need what they want and how they want. When M&S enteredinto china they did is part wrong the products they were offering was accordingto their previous markets not for the Chinese market. Which made the adaptationof the brand for Chinese customer more difficult.

For example, the productsthey were offering was not as colorful as a Chinese consumer wanted so they didnot like the products and they said the company offerings are too dull. Andmost importantly the Chinese people are relatively shorter and slimmer than theEuropean and British counterparts. So, the sizes the companies were offeringthat was not very good in terms of the fittings. Most of the people find theclothes and shoes loose so even they like something from the store they cannotbuy it because it would not fit. So, M&S should take care of these things.So, the Chinese market adapt them well and the company should also have putsome effort to adapt the Chinese market.