Plan Review Essay

Team’s Strengths This week team A was able to get team assignments starter quicker than in some previous weeks, allowing more time for communication and completion. Team A has a strength in that every member wants to succeed and wants to see the entire team succeed as well, meaning that everyone works towards producing quality work. Team’s Weaknesses During week six, lack of leadership presented team A with several challenges. Team members submitted their input in the fragmented manner without specific task division and designated leader or editor.

Lack of leadership deed to ineffectiveness of team’s efforts. Team leader plays an important role in dividing tasks, directing the efforts, and organizing the workflow (Hilton, 2001). Learning team format does not have an authority that designates a leader and it is each member’s responsibility to assume the leadership role on voluntary basis. Team A members showed lack of enthusiasm and as a result, the leader did not emerge from this group. Another challenge that this team faced during week six was the additional team assignment, which required an increased effort.

As one member started he second assignment, the rest of the team did not follow the instructions and instead of submitting their input into the formatted paper chose to post free text into the threads utilized by learning team for discussions. This practice led to confusion and increase in workload for the team member responsible for organizing and editing the final product. Feedback The success of a process will never be stronger than the level to which it is understood and communicated to its intended audience.

While the paper does appear to be complete, there seems to be a demonstrated need for improvement on the level of proficiency in the writing skills and/or style. These improvements may be achieved by correcting sentence level and grammatical errors as well as improving the coherency, structure and flow at the paragraph level. There should be a clear indication between the relationships of each sentence; otherwise, the paper is well written and well thought out.

Examples of improvement are indicated in the sentences restated below. The Quality Improvement Plan goal is to establish a framework and processes to facilitate the continuous improvement in medical and behavioral lath care service receive by members. Restated: The goal of a SIP is to establish processes and a framework which will facilitate continuous improvement in the healthcare services received by patients. The governing body is ultimate responsible for the quality of care provided in any organization.

Restated: Ultimately, the governing body of the health care organization is responsible for improving the quality level of its health care products and services. Improvement The clear problem team A suffered throughout the course involved leadership and participation, leading to miscommunication and possibly hurt linings. Improvement Ideas include setting a leadership schedule the first week of class, and increased encouragement of team member participation.

Leadership improvement would also be beneficial as the leader must support the team and rally them for obtaining the best possible outcome, they must also be careful not to bully them or speak to them as a superior but as a peer. Online learning is complicated as it is difficult to understand true emotion and intention through a screen, requiring team members to pay special attention to communications. This was demonstrated in the week six concussions as there was no predetermined manner of how to approach the assignment, leaving everyone fending for him or herself instead of connecting as a team to find a solution.

Another area Of improvement includes feeling that it is acceptable to provide feedback to a peer, that it is not judging the person, or analyzing them but simply offering a different view of the situation to inspire them or notice small potential errors. Conclusion A well-defined process and its effective implementation are vital ingredients for the success of any project. The quality of a system or product is highly influenced by the quality of the process used to develop and maintain it.

Quality improvement processes’ main goal is to improve and assure the safety, quality, and cost efficiency of a health care organizations, whereas performance measurement In reality measures the progress of these goals. The reviews and feedback given on each Team members papers has helped to enlighten the knowledge needed to continue with the Plan Reviews. References Hilton, J. A. (2001). Building trust and collaboration in a virtual team, Team Performance Management, 7(3), 36-48.