Internet publishing company which owns several is a general news and information site about politics, heritage, the automobile or eventravel. Informing, entertaining and stimulating debate with quality information, relevant analysis, abiting tone and a touch of humor, such is the mission of journalists. is part of the group SA which is a limited company with capital of 472 466.

30 €,an Internet publishing company which owns several sites:,,,Planet Re?gime,, representing in total 4 million unique visitors monthly. The group islisted on Alternext of Euronext Paris under the mnemonic ALPLA and recognised as an online presspublisher by the Joint Committee for Publications and Press Agencies. Planet FR SA is a France-based company that specialises in developing and operating specialisedWebsites.

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The portal contains news, lifestyle and general interest articles. It has a number of broadsections, including Money & Law, Health, Employment & Retirement, Environment, High Tech,Genealogy, Family and Travel, among others. The Website also provides weather forecasts, newsheadlines, and a variety of chat rooms and forums, as well as advertising links to products andservices. The Company also operates the Website, www.medisite.

fr, Planet.

fr, and collect personal data by means of electronic forms thatInternet users are invited to complete when subscribing to newsletters, in case of requests forinformation, surveys, quizzes, tests or when using a service offered via the website. The personalinformation concerning the visitors of Planet.

fr,, are confidential. The information collected is kept for an unlimited period.

The user may exercise his right to rectify or 3 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS OF PLANET.FR delete all or part of the information at any time by written request, dated and signed, addressed The elements of, and Femmesplus.

fr published by, including texts,presentations, illustrations, photographs, commercial brands, trees and formatting are our exclusiveproperty or that of our partners. Any reproduction, copy or use by any means whatsoever withoutour agreement or that of our partners will constitute an infringement likely to lead to legalproceedings. The trademarks of Planet.

fr, and are registered trademarks.Any representation and / or reproduction and / or partial or total exploitation of these marks isprohibited. The hypertext links implemented within, and Femmesplus.frtowards other sites and / or personal pages and The characteristics and limitations of the Internet and disclaim any liability for the consequences ofthe connection to this network via this site.

In particular, it cannot be held responsible for anydamage, material or immaterial caused to your computer equipment and data stored therein, orconsequences that may arise on user’s personal, professional or commercial. SA (,, is particularly attached to the respect of elementary rules for their users.The discussions are visible on the site and can be consulted and searched within the site and via thesearch engines. While company has a wide range of customers which is based on their business capacity, thecompany has small number of employees around 50 people.

The number of the employees of thecompany is relatively small since most of the operations in the company, including the research anddevelopment department, are important to maintain its browsers.