Planning a Party Process Essay

To throw a successful, entertaining, and fun party that won’t be forgotten, there are three very important aspects to remember; they are as follows: the music, the food & drinks, and the people. Without these three components, a party won’t be memorable and soon will be forgotten. One must have all three of these things and just like Frank Sinatra’s song, “Love and Marriage’, “You can’t have one without the other. ” Planning a party can be stressful, but if you start with enough time, enough money and enough people to help you plan or at least be there, then this party can be a huge, memorable, success.

First things first, pull out the calendar, making sure you have the correct year and month. It’s easy to look at the wrong date, believe it or not. Be sure to take into consideration your friends and families birthdays and anniversaries, as well as any holidays that are in the near future. It is helpful to make a few phone calls to the people you’d like to see there, to make sure they can attend the chosen date. Once that is finished, it’s now time to pick out invitations, whether paper or electronic and send as soon as possible with the categories, who, what, where, when and why, always providing a phone number and R.

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S. V. P date. Choosing a band or D. J. or even having an iPod playlist handy with speakers to carry throughout the home or venue is very important. When choosing the music, think of not only what you’d like to hear but what others would like to hear. Having a wide range of music is the best choice, so that everyone, no matter what, will hear at least a couple songs that are pleasant to their ears. Picking songs that are easy on the ears, and cause for a bit of dancing or movement of the body is a good thing.

If you can get most people to even start a little toe tap, means you did well in song choice. Once you’ve booked the music, it’s time to look at your budget and see how much you can spend on food. It seems the better the food, the better the commune and fellowship, (plus people seem to be happier and enjoy themselves more. ) If you have a lot of money to work with, find your favorite restaurant to cater for the party, and to keep the cost low, ask for a package at the cost you need, or simply stick to cheaper appetizers.

If catering is not in the price range, getting a few vegetable and fruit trays and a few dessert options will do the trick. As for the drinks, if buying a keg of beer and some wine, perhaps even some liquor, is not in your price range, be sure to include “Bring your own Booze” a. k. a. B. Y. O. B. on the invite. As far as a list of people invited goes, this can be difficult. It’s hard to invite everyone you’d like without hurting feelings. You must be strategic when making your invite list.

If it is a family party, invite all the close family members and your closest friends and if it’s a hangout for a sporting event, invite all your friends with some of your family members. If someone comes to the party asking why ‘so and so’ isn’t at the party, be brief – explaining you invited everyone you could. The final step once the day of the party comes is to prepare the house or venue. To make the party extra suitable, you must make sure the place is close to impeccable. Dusting, vacuuming and wiping everything that will be seen by your party. So if all goes as planned, the house or venue is packed with your loved ones.

The clean counter is full of delicious food, whether catered or homemade, the red solo cups are being lifted and clinked together and people are dancing or toe tapping, to the beat of the music. There are some parties that can be thrown together last minute but it’s not really a party if there wasn’t some planning involved. Those types of parties are called ‘get togethers’ or ‘hang outs. ” But a party with food, music, entertainment and great people is a party that will not be forgotten. Don’t forget to take pictures to capture the fun moments and friends that came together to celebrate life and friendship.