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Height 23cm.  For ages 18 months and over.  Made from plastic Price: i?? 9. 98 Rating: 7 K’nex cars K’nex is a similar kind of toy to lego in the way that it helps the child learn by construction: it teaches the child to build, connect things and follow instructions. It is an open-ended toy – it can be played with in many different ways. Firstly, the toy has to be constructed, then it can be used as a toy car, finally, it can be disconnected and built in to something else. The toy contains:  22 separate models contained in a tough storage/carry case. Variation in model designs.  For ages 6 years and over.

Made out of plastic. Price: i?? 19. 99 Rating: 8 Wooden crane This toy is a push-along wooden crane. The crane part of the toy can be rotated round and lifted up and down although no mechanism is involved. The toy is shaped well in the way that it looks like a crane.  Two piece crane with removable swivel platform.  The wheels have axels made out of a wooden dowel/rod.  For four years and over  Made out of wood Price: i?? 4. 99 Rating: 5 Construction Dump Truck This is a set of two toys: one truck is a crane which can pick things up and put them into the container of the other truck.

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The second truck can transport the load to a different place and tilt the container so the load is dumped on the ground. The toys are slightly educational because they teach the child how certain materials can be transported.  Wheels made from rubber to give a better grip than wood.  Tip up and slide body.  Rotating crane that can be moved up and down.  For four years and up. Made mostly of wood. Price: i?? 9. 99 Rating: 6 As I looked at other toy designs I found out that this kind of toys will be very hard to make so I decided to keep mine simple, for and example ” Noughts and Crosses” Data Anthropometric data will help me decide on the measurements of my toy.

The toy should have parts that are specially made for the size of a child aged 4-7. My brother and Sister which is 4 and 6 year of age can help me decide Cleary of that results I need. This will particularly include the size of the child’s hand, as I will probably be making a toy that the child can pick up, push, pull or turn with his or her hand. Having a toy that is adapted to the size of the user makes playing comfortable and easier to use which will make it a more fun toy. I achieved the following data from “My brother and sister at the ages of 4 and 6, this table id not entirely accurate, as I had some problems measureing.

For boys: Anthropometric estimates (50th percentile) in mm Age 3 to 4 years old 5 to 7 years old Knuckle height 425 480 Fingertip height 350 395 Knuckle to fingertip 75 85 Hand length 115 130 Hand breadth (metacarpol) 55 60 For girls: Anthropometric estimates (50th percentile) in mm Age 3 to 4 years old 5 to 7 years old Knuckle height 430 495 Fingertip height 355 410 Knuckle to fingertip 75 85 Hand length 115 125 Hand breadth (metacarpol) 55 60 Toy Tractor This toy is smaller than the previous toys so it is easier for the child to pick up which will probably make it more fun for the child to play with.

It is made out of wood which gives it a softer feel and an attractive look. Turning steering wheel.  Stuck together by strong adhesive so it can withstand use. For ages 4 and over Made from wood Price: i?? 4. 99 Rating: 4 The Impatient Hand This toy is an interactive toy in the shape of a hand. When the handle is turned round the fingers move up and down. This gives an impression that the hand is impatiently tapping on the desk.  The hand makes a tapping sound when the handle is turned  Four cams are used to make the fingers moved, this can be seen how it works  Made out of card so will not be very durable.

For six years and over Price: i?? 3. 50 Rating: 7 The Exercising Fool This toy bends its knees and wave its arms looking like it is exercising. It is decorated by paint in the style of a fool in bright colours. The input motion is coming from the fingers of the user moving up and down. The fingers are placed in two holes specially fitted for fingers.  Can be constructed then played with Exercises the fingers A comical idea  Made from card  For ages six and up Price: i?? 3. 50 Rating: 6 Specifications 1. The toy must be safe for a child aged 4-7 to use so there mustn’t be any loose parts, sharp points or rough edges.

2. It must contain a mechanism that changes an input motion into a different output motion making it an interactive toy 3. The product should be durable enough to withstand the use of a 4-7 year old again and again 4. The toy should be enjoyable for the child to play with so they will want to keep on playing with it 5. It must help the child to learn because that will be he main part of the production. 6. The toy needs to be attractive to the child, and brightly decorated 7. It must be a suitable size for the child, the child should be able to pick it up handle it or play with it easily.

It should be adapted for the child’s hand. 8. The toy must not scratch or damage the surface which it is played on 9. It should be neat and well finished 10. Ideally should not cost more than i?? 12 11. The toy can be made in batch production 12. The product must be possible to make in the time given with the facilities and equipment available in Hampstead School. 13. The toy must meet all safety regulations. The materials, paints and glues must be non-toxic, an age warning needs to be given because that will be very important for the buyers. 14.

The product should be made of the most appropriate material for the design Materials Before I start making my toy I have to decide what materials to use to make the toy. Plastics Plastics are easy to shape because they can be heated and then bent into the correct position. They can also be vacuum formed so that they are moulded into the correct shape. Although they are easy to shape they are not particularly strong. Here are some examples of plastic that I could use: PVC PVC is stiff and hardwearing or can be rubbery and flexible. It is available in a wide variety of colours and opaque or transparent.

Acrylic Acrylic is fairly hard wearing and will not shatter but it is fairly easy to stretch and can crack. It can be formed or bent when heated and is available in transparent, opaque and a variety of colours. It can also be injection moulded. Polythene Polythene is fairly stiff, strong plastic which is also quite tough and does not soften until it is very hot. It is available in a variety of colours. Although plastics are have the right properties to make my toy it will be very easy to because I will not have the facilities need to do injection mould which is the best method for shaping plastics.

Metals Metals are very strong and tough which will provide durability. But it does not look very attractive and will feel cold. It is also quite difficult to shape metal in a workshop. My questionnaire also proved that metal is not a popular material for toys to be made out of. Wood Wood is reasonably strong and is aesthetically pleasing and has a good feel. It will be the easiest material for production in the workshop. Pine Can be easily cut, glued and nailed without splitting. It is fairly hard, durable material and is quite stable. Beech Beech has a close even grain and is very tough.

It is quite a hard and heavy wood. It does not split or have an our. It is a safe material for making children’s toys, which is why it is a popular choice for making children’s toys. I have decided to make my toy out of Plastic because it is aesthetically pleasing, durable, will be easy to make my design from the material, and is safe for children to play with. Metals and wood will be too difficult to cut and shape in a school workshop. Pine can create a lot of dust and is not as durable and hard as Plastic. Wood is not as attractive or durable as Plastic, it may also split if I use wood.

Therefore plastic must be the best material to use. And I might use PVC, PVC is stiff and hardwearing or can be rubbery and flexible. It is available in a wide variety of colours and opaque or transparent. Also known as Naughts and crosses, Large bold wooden piece on a 20cm square wooden board. Making of Product packaging I will be adding a bar code to promote my package so it will look more professional This will be the information on the back of the Packaging: Lekhraj Newoor plc, Hampstead School, Westbere road, London, NW2 2SD. PLEASE RETAIN THIS INFORMATION FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.