Plato’s they see. These prisoners would rather stay

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave from The
Republic is one book that has
challenged the way I think. This work of Plato provided a way to critically think through his contributions.
This metaphor is to help us understand our cognitive errors, fallacies, and any
mistakes we find while critically thinking. He provided help in how to avoid
them if we can just think through the errors we encounter. Education is the
means for one to ultimately achieve enlightenment. We begin with the darkness
of the cave, it symbolizes the way we think and how we see the world. In this
state of confusion, we do not know what is occurring around us, we accept the
forms that are projected to us as the other people are able to control what we
see. This is how we believe our reality is and we accept it. As we become
curious and venture out to see where the light is coming from. We come out of
the cave blinded by the suns intense rays and our eyes are in pain by its
brightness. The sun represents the true goodness and because we are temporarily
blinded we slowly see the true form outside of the cave. In the many years
inside the cave, we are bestowed on the
beauty and reality of the outside world. The movement of one being shackled and
leaving the cave is our process of intelligent awareness and with the knowledge, our belief is changing. In this story, a group of prisoners is out of the cave now and only one remains
outside while the others crawl back inside due to the fear of this new unknown
illusion they see. These prisoners would rather stay inside the cave and accept
this worlds ignorance limited on the world of sensory and light. The shadows of
light in the cave represent the comfort and false reality they live in. As the
one prisoner is outside alone and he understands that the cave is unreal. As he
attempts to help those inside the cave to come out they are all denying leaving,
there is a feeling of sympathy to those who do not come out for they are lost
in the darkness of the cave.  As the
prisoner progressed from the cave this educational process has led him to the
outside world. In this world we see the truth,
thoughts and reality it is the building of your awareness and knowledge.
Education and knowledge is a difficult process but this journey and the
persistence to learn will guide you from darkness to light. This story
transforms and moves you to follow your passion and educate yourself in finding
your true spirit. The rewards of this process from darkness to light is great
but you must challenge yourself first.