Play Of Puppets Essay

When we were all kids, we all have seen our share of puppet shows right? Shows like Sesame Street, Lamb Chop, and even those freaky Muppets. Those entertaining puppets gave us countless hours of laughter, sadness, and enjoyment. But these puppets, as much as you like to think, couldn”t think by themselves. They were controlled to something stronger than them something superior to them. The people who controlled the puppets could do with them whatever they please.

In the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller, which takes place during the Salem witch trials, there is one character which acts like a puppet being controlled by whoever wishes to control her. Mary Warren, the Proctor’s servant, cannot make decisions for herself and relies on others to decide for her. Throughout the play, she changes from the hands of one puppet master, to another. In the beginning of the play when the accusing starts, Mary Warren is one of the accusers. Here she is being somewhat controlled by the antagonist of the play, and the leader of the accusers, Abigail.

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The girls who are afraid of the consequences of actions, which was dancing and conquering witchcraft, tried to shift the blame on other people. On returning to the Proctor house, Mary brought a Poppet as a gift for Elizabeth Proctor. This is somewhat symbolic for Mary herself. Mary, who throughout the play gets pushed around, gives Elizabeth a poppet. This poppet also foreshadows the actions of Mary Warren because the poppet which was meant as a gift turned out to be harmful. When Cheever, the Marshall, went to the Proctor’s, he found “a poppet Goody Proctor keeps” (79).

Right before this, Abby was found with a needle in her stomach and “in the belly of the poppet a needle’s stuck” (79). This foreshadows how Mary who was suppose to do good, ends up doing evil, or rather being persuaded by evil. In the middle of the play, Marry Warren is persuaded to go to the court and testify against the girls. She claims that “[she] cannot lie anymore [because] [she] is with God- (107). She reveals the plot of the girls and is being pressured by John Proctor.

Proctor convinces her that she is doing the righteous thing and she falls to his pressure. At this point Mary Warren switches into someone else’s hand. When she goes and confronts the girls, no one really believes her because in the beginning, she was one of the accusers. Finally in the end of the play, she falls back into the hands of Abigail which can symbolize the triumph of the dark side. Master Yoda once said, “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering, and suffering leads to the dark side.

We can see that Mary Warren has fulfilled all of these steps and led herself straight to the dark side. She is so pressured by Abby and the girls that she gives in and proclaims that Proctor is “the Devil’s man! “(124). We can see the immediate intensity of the situation when Mary tells Abby that “[she”ll] never hurt you more! “(125). Mary Warren turned away from everything Proctor told her which was suppose to represent good and fell into the dark trap which Abby set for her. All of her actions were done because she wanted to save her own life.

She never did anything for the good or benefit of others Through the examples I have given you, you can see the decisions of Mary change when she changes from hand to hand. Mary Warren was a weapon of good and evil in the play. In certain points, she was attempting to turn a new leaf and actually do the right thing, but under pressure, she buckled and turned away from goodness. She couldn”t hang on to the values that Proctor tried to instill into her. She became nothing more than a puppet who was under the control of someone else.