Playing college basketball Essay

After graduating high school, playing college basketball was the only thing on my mind. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but it would transform me into being a totally different person. Although some people think high school has a lot in common with college when actually they are very different.

Making it on a major college basketball team is every players dream. The nutrition, training, and time a person puts into basketball varies differently from high school to college Not only is nutrition an important factor all the time, but is not stressed as much in high school than it is in college basketball.High school coaches have to worry about teaching the fundamentals of the game to try and get their team competitive. High school coaches usually don’t have the staff that a college head coach has therefore it’s easy to see why nutrition gets pushed to the back of the agenda. High school players aren’t put on any meal plans and they aren’t told to take protein or any other healthy substance to better nurture their body. College coaches have people on staff to monitor all the nutrition habits of their players.

Players take protein and other substances to maximize their body’s physical potential.Players that are to obese or to skinny are put on meal plans to add or drop the weight. Every aspect of player nutrition is monitored everyday during the off season and the regular season alike. Therefore I believe high school doesn’t compare to college when it comes to being in shape. When playing basketball in high school the training is a breeze compared to college.

When in High school we only started training one month prior to the basketball season. We would put more effort in fundamentals and drills than in lifting weights or running.Any high school coach would rather have players that are fundamentally sound in the game. Strength and conditioning will always come second to most high school coaches. Although in college, coaches put a much more emphasis on strength training and conditioning.

College coaches expect players to know the fundamentals of the game and they know to get an edge in games they need to have players that are trained better. Any player on scholarship definitely knows the fundamentals and that’s how they became good enough to get the scholarship in the first place. Every major college has players on cholarship so a big reason some teams are better than others is because their players are stronger and in better shape than the opposing team. College teams often strength train twice a day during the off season and condition at least once a day. But it doesn’t stop there, teams still train hard during their season and they practice hard every day. That’s why coaches really concentrate on strength training and conditioning a lot harder in college than in high school basketball.

The last huge difference between high school and college basketball is the amount of time a player must put into the game.High school players think they put a lot of time in the game but it’s nothing compared to the dedication of your time in college. High school players may run once a day during the off season whereas its mandatory in college programs to run twice or even more daily. Most high school players have a few hours of practice during the season and other than games players don’t have any other basketball responsibilities.

Therefore players have a lot of free time on their hands while playing basketball in high school. In college, players dedicate most of their life to the game.From early morning workouts to practice after school and then more workouts, college basketball takes up almost every bit of time a player has. The time a player has to put in the game during college is so strenuous some players reevaluate their lives and go as far as quit the sport they have loved their entire lives. Both high school and college players have to put in the time to get to the level they need to be at. Although college players have quite a bit more time in the game. All these examples prove to be important in the lives of basketball players.Although it is easy to see that a college player has to be extremely dedicated and a high school player can get by with doing less of these things or not focusing on them as much.

If a player wants a chance to have a career at basketball it is important that he or she gets a jump start on other players so emphasizing nutrition, training , and putting more time in can really help a high school player have a better career. High school and college players have a lot in common, but nutrition, training, and time is where players really get set apart at their respected levels of the game.