Playing the Market Place on Evony Essay

There are 2 key things you need to remember when playing the market place for profit: 1. You are charged a 5% fee for each transaction made 2. Rescources bought from the market place take 30 mins to be added to your rescources, although gold is given instantly when your item is sold. Its important to keep that in mind to ensure you dont leave yourself short.

Keep enough rescources at hand to complete any building and training you wish to do in that time. Buying low and selling high The only way to play the market place is to ensure your buying and selling prices have a significant differenceStone yields the most profit in % terms, although can be low in gross turn over. Leaving several purchases of stone at 0.

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001 overnight can leave you a bumper crop for the next morning. Stone can go as high as 1 per unit, netting you a massive 995% profit on your purchase, even after the 5% fee is taken into account. Always make sure you leave enough spaces to purchase anything you require during the day, as you will not be refunded the posting fees should you need to delete posts from the market place to buy other rescources.Prices continually change throughout the day in the market place, and its not always easy to predict when will be the best time to buy or sell. Even if you overstock on a product, as long as its cheap there will always be a time to make a profit.

Current prices Buy stone at less than 0. 05 and sell upwards of 0. 5 for the best result Buy lumber at less than 10 and sell upwards of 16 for the best result Buy Iron at less than 10 and sell upwards of 14 for the best result Buy food at less than 6 and sell upwards of 7 for the best result Thats just a general guide as prices can change from minute to minute To buy and sell effectively you need to be placing your buying prices at least 0. 001 above the highest one currently listed, or 0. 001 below the lowest offer currently listed. This will ensure your order is fulfilled first. Dont be afraid to wait!!! If you placed an order for 10 million lumber at 12 per unit the transaction will cost you 600000 gold up front. This is non refundable.

Its better to leave this order in the market place to complete than to delete orders that arent going through as quick as you’d like. That way you really maximise your potential and arent losing money on deleted orders. Playing the market can be a very effective way of being self supporting, and will let you aid your fellow team mates when they are short on rescources, in turn they will help you out when you are short on anything. If you get stuck, ask someone.

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