Poetry Analysis Essay

For this oral presentation, I will firstly be explaining the three poems I have analysed . My target audience I am directing at is for a more mature, sophisticated audience as the poems are difficult to understand. I will be analysing the techniques and forms of these poems and will mention about the personal connections, choosing a theme that ties with me. Two poems I have chosen to deconstruct are written by the famous writer, Williams Shakespeare is called sonnet 42,138 and the last poem, Why is the Rose so Pale by Heinrich Heine.The theme of these poems is Love and betrayal; love can be sweet but also revenging, it could betray us. This theme personally connects to me as I have encountered these situations in the past.

The first poem, sonnet 42 by Shakespeare was written through the expressions of misconceptions that a broken heart will fall to. In this situation, the speaker’s lover has left him for his own best friend which creates a love triangle. We connect this situation to the theme mentioned earlier, love and unfaithfulness which ties with my personal experiences.The tone is reflective, reflecting on the speaker’s situation and relationships with his loved ones. He reflects his grief about his friend and his lover but in the last two lines the mood shifts to a forgiving and content focus last two lines. The poem’s structure, indicated is a sonnet, including a 14-line- iambic pentameter form . The sonnet is set up into 3 sets quatrains, and a couplet. Each quadrant is connected with rhyming words at the end of each second line except for the rhyming couplet in the end.

In line 12, the last word ‘cross’ is symbolic for scarring, hurt and pain as he was caused from his two main people.In terms of language, Shakespearean language contained archaic in the text such as, ‘thou’, ‘hast’, ‘hath’, ‘doth’, ‘thee’. This personally relates to me because it portrays a personal experience I have encountered in the past, it shows the experience of misleading and heartbreaks. The poem portrays the calm but also hurtful pain that I have once felt with the same scenario.

The next poem that will be analysed is sonnet 138 by Williams Shakespeare. The subject matter is about relationships, affair and age. This poem refers to the understanding of the speaker, as he knows his mistress’s unfaithful dishonesty.

The mood of this tone is somehow humorous and confusion, Shakespeare clearly knows the mistress is unfaithful yet maintains their love affair alive. The poem refers to white lies, outlining infidelity as it connects to my theme. The tone is reflective but again shifts in the last quatrain when Shakespeare This poem mentions about the age of the love affair. The speaker questions why his mistress cannot admit that he is old, but rather the two lovers let the truth be concealed. The form once again is a sonnet with a 14 line- iambic pentameter. The structure is the same with three sets of quatrains and a couplet.

Each second line rhymes along with a rhyming couplet at the end of the poem. This poem is more direct so therefore not much hidden meaning was involved. Literary techniques in this poem include rhyme in lines AB AB CD CD EF EF GG.

There are not many literary techniques used in this poem as you could see, because Shakespeare wanted to direct it more straightforwardly. This ties with my past love experience of cheat and betrayal yet love. It portrays my love and youth as I am still young, I would be encountered in youthful things instead of something old.The last poem that I will now analyse is Why is the Rose so Pale by Heinrich Heine. This poem refers to Heine’s dedication to his ex-lover who had left him. Heine questions about the love that has now been gone, his lover has left him. He questions why it has faded as he is feeling great depression.

The mood is very reflective, comparative, and direct whereas the tone is certainly depressing. There are more techniques in this poem than the other poems. Literary techniques in this poem include rhyming words at the end of each line, repetition by questioning his mistress, archaic languag.There were also adjectives to evoke emotional description such as ‘pale’, ‘loveliest’ and ‘languishing’. There is also another technique with the word ‘chillingly’ which is an oxymoron, in literal based, the sun could not chillingly referring to coldly frown.

Referring back to the text, there is a use of imagery consisted in the poem, ‘azure Violet’ which is also symbolic for romantic feelings, ‘balsum-buds’ which are flowers, symbolising happiness. ‘Scent of death’ is symbolic referring to great misery and depression. And why the Earth should, like a grave’ is personification, simile and imagery. The personification for this sentence includes nature with a simile, and imagery, ‘like a grave’. With all of these poems gathering to the theme of love and betrayal, it represents the points in a relationship that I have had which could connect to others.

Relationships are depending on trust, without trust there would be no love. I can take risks but I cannot give my full potential because I am aware of being hurt and betrayed through these personal experiences, and therefore would not easily give my trust.