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things I learned about poisonous snakes
There are more than twenty-five hundred types of snakes in the world and only half of them will attack you under some circumstances. They will attack you if you run at them or try to hit them or some times they will not attack you at all.Not all snakes are human eaters. They may scare you even if they are not poisonous.There is a way to tell if they are poisonous or non poisonous by the colors on their back. There is a saying that goes If red touches yellow your a dead fellow, if red touches black your OK jack.

The second thing I learned about snakes is how they eat. Snakes have many different sizes’ fangs that is where the poison is released from. The snake with the biggest fangs is on the viper. The weirdest thing is the python has such small fangs when it’s such a big snake. The most poisonous snake is the sea snake that one lives in the ocean. I think it’s cool how a snake eats because it swallows its prey whole by dislocating its jaw. It extends to swallow its victim. The way a snake catches its prey is by striking at it and then injects the poison into it, and a few minutes later the animal dies or is paralyzed. The snake smells it with its tongue and then does its thing. After it eats it does not need to have food for about 2 months.One other important thing, is that when an anaconda or other very big snakes eat it wraps its self around you or some kind of animal. They will squeeze you to death or until you pass out or die.They will then dislocate their jaw and swallow you whole. It will take about an hour to eat you it depends on the size of the body of the human or the animal.
There are less than one thousand snake bites reported here in the United States. Here in the Southwest there are more rattle snakes than anywhere. If you are ever bitten by a snake, you should kill it and save it if you can. To be identified. Even after it’s dead you should only touch it by its tale because the poison is still in its fangs.

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Another thing I learned about snakes is that they can be very friendly to you. There are many people that have snakes as pets. They are also taking a risk because they can bite and sometime strangled people. The ones that would be the safest for you are the non poisonous snakes.
That was my book report on snakes