Policy Issues Essay

Policy Issues Shuleo Daniels CJA/314 November 5, 2012 Instructor: Shawna Olachea Child Exposure to Domestic Violence Child exposure to domestic violence is something that is happening way too often in the United States today. This is a personal crime that affects not only the adults involved but the children who are witnesses to it as well. The content of the video is basically showing how children are very much aware of what is happening around them and how the actions and feelings of their loved ones can and will effect a child’s life.

There are too many instances where an adult will toss aside what a child may be feeling in order to satisfy his or her own feelings. A casual factor that was addressed in the video is: when there is an order in place, parties need to abide by the rules and regulations of the order or there will be an arrest. For example, the police had been called to a domestic dispute (in the video) in which the male involved had come over to his ex – girlfriend’s house, whom he had a child with, and tried to climb through the window.

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The dispatch also informed the officer’s that the man had a restraining order against him so; when they arrived he was arrested and taken to jail. The officers told the woman involved to think about her child and leave the man alone. They also asked her what she thinks it is doing to her child and the only response that she could give was, “I love him. ” Sadly, in most cases like this, the child or children are often caught in the middle. The basic element of the crime which served for the basis of the video selected is the silent cries of children who witness assault, battery, and mayhem between their loved ones.

There was a news reporter in the video who interviewed children who were witnesses of their mothers being battered by a boyfriend, husband, or ex – lover. It was very disturbing to hear the things they have heard and saw. There was one young girl who heard her mother’s boyfriend tell her that he was gone to kill her mother first, the children, and then he. I could only imagine how the child feared him each time she seen him, heard his name, or didn’t know where her mother was.

This specific information of the feelings a child develops when he or she believes that his, hers, or the mother’s life is in danger was very interesting because a lot of people never really take into content about, “What happens when a child is watching. ” The criminological theories which best explain the occurrence of this crime is: (1) The Attachment Theory which is a component of psychological theories. John Bowlby (1907-1990) explains the components of the attachment theory beginning with a bond between people through childhood.

If a child is denied the strong, natural, emotional bond then eventual they will try to find it elsewhere possibly becoming juvenile delinquents. (2) Social Process Theories. The social process theories are thoughts on how someone may have become the person they are. I am a sole believer that a person’s behavior comes from the environment around him or her. It is a human process which may develop from childhood or even teenage years and follows until the adult stages in life.

I picked this theory because there is a possibility that the men who are committing the crimes in the video may have experienced some kind of psychological occurrence in their lives which led them to believe that the way they treat women is the way a woman should be treated. No one may really know why their disrespect towards women, in front of innocent children, comes so naturally. Studies estimate that 10 to 20 percent of children are at risk for exposure to domestic violence (Carlson, 2000).

Children’s risk levels and reactions to domestic violence exist on a continuum where some children demonstrate enormous resiliency while others show signs of significant maladaptive adjustment (Carlson, 200; Edieson, 1999; Hughes, Grahanm-Bermann & Gruber, 2001). Domestic violence and children is a very serious subject that really needs to be taken serious. There are too many adults who can tell a lengthy story about how their parent’s domestic violence situations affected their lives. Reference Child Welfare Information Gateway www. childwelfare. gov/pubs/factsheets/domesticviolence. cfm