Political Corruption Essay

Corruption is a global problem that poses a threat to economic growth, democracy and the political stability of both wealthy and poor countries alike. Furthermore, corruption challenges the very foundations of societal health and destroys citizens’ trust in leadership and system. Consequently many countries including India have attempted to curb internal corruption that affects all levels of government and society. Corruption is a very bad thing and it is the root cause for inferior quality of work and poor efficiency. Corruption is like a slow poison to the body.

Our political system is corrupt, administrators are corrupt, executives are corrupt, legal system is corrupt. When the public approach for their needs authorities asks for bribe to do the job. People have become pessimistic about the prospects of fighting corruption successfully. Hence , there is an urgent need for awareness-raising campaigns showing the everyday effects of corruption and the effective means to curb corruption. This increased awareness is vital for any nation’s success and the role of young students and people is especially crucial in this regard as they are the backbone of any country.

The students should inculcate the right values in themselves. The students, who learn morale values and ethics, grow into honest and dignified citizens. They can play a pivotal role in the eradication of corruption in public life as their hearts will be clean and they will not indulge in corrupt practices in their professional and personal life. If highly educated and intelligent youngsters get into politics and govern the nation then the nation can further progress tremendously with eradication of corruption.

Learned students can become journalists and do good innovative journalism in exposing the corrupt persons. Educated students with ethics and high morale can become honest police officers. They can take prompt actions against culprits. Students who become doctors can avoid corruption by not selling organs of a patient and not prescribing the medicines of a company offering bribe to them. Students can get united and stand against the corruption. They can motivate public not to offer bribe for getting their works done. Swami Vivekananda once quoted, “Take up one idea.

Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, and live on the idea”. Fight against corruption is an idea whose time has come. The need of the hour is to nurture it, main stream it and take it to the logical end. Like many other successful movements in the history, it is the youth who can be able torch bearers of this movement. We, students, have realized that bribery is against humanitarianism, and that the natural wealth is deteriorating. We have also realized that we students alone can eradicate corruption.

We, students, who have the capability to build the future India, do realize that we can also eradicate corruption. We assure you that our traits of honesty and sincerity will grow like the saplings supplied. We, the youth are the torchbearers who can eradicate corruption. “We will unite to defeat the politicians who bribe the voters and oppose the government officials who demand bribe and cause the deterioration of administration. We will use the Right to Information Act as a weapon to fight corruption. ”