Political Philosophy and Medium-paragraph Length Answer Essay

What are the three types of policies and laws that Michael Sanded identifies as being commonly rejected by libertarians? Briefly explain each type of logic, and explain why libertarians are philosophically opposed to them. 3. According to Mary Anne Warren (in “On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion”), what are the five central criteria for moral Persephone, and what are the implications of this criteria on the issue of whether or not the fetus has the right to life? . According to Don Marquis (in ‘ ‘Why Abortion Is Immoral”), what is the property that the fetus possesses which makes abortion an immoral act? Why does Marquis say that abortion is just as wrong as killing an innocent adult person? 5. Judith Jarvis Thomson (in “A Defense of Abortion”) makes an argument bout the morality of abortion when the pregnancy is due to rape by creating a fictitious example about being hooked up to an unconscious violinist.

What are the elements of her example that make it analogous to the situation of pregnancy due to rape? What is the conclusion she draws about the morality of abortion in this situation, and what is the basis for this conclusion? Us benison Gu deadlines Include your name and the assignment name.

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