Political Philosophy and User Responses Essay

The national government should become more involved in state politics. Grade: c. Government should not obstruct individuals’ efforts to obtain property. Often predict the degree and type of political participation, which shapes political culture. Political values Demographic factors Community-oriented economics Individual incentives Group dynamics 4. C. Individualism Which of the following attributes is associated with capitalism, the economic system in America? 3. Submission No: 1/1 The belief that a person’s fate can be closely attributed to his or her own efforts is known as 2. ND is fundamental to the American Dream. Questions Attempted: 25/25 Graduated Grade:– a. Political values Belief in which of the following ideals is part of the core of American political culture? A. Allegiance to parental homeland Strength in diversity Caste system Foreign diplomacy Government intervention flanker,Daniel Submitted: 9/3/20141 AM 5. C. Caste system Government ownership of key industries Private jobs over public programs Higher taxes for the poorest citizens Financial rewards for productivity Government investment in large corporations a.

Government ownership of key industries Each individual’s political beliefs are rooted in ideals; values core beliefs; experiential learning ore beliefs; political attitudes partisan bias; values values; religion 7. And Which of the following is advocated by socialism, which emphasizes planned economies over free market economies? 6. B. Core beliefs; experiential learning Which of the following constitutes an element of the United States’ national political culture?

Belief that individualism hampers the overall strength of the country The citizen class a man or a woman belongs to The notion that government is the basis for decisions that will affect all American citizens The idea that freedom is for those who earn it The rights and liberties citizens have . Belief that individualism hampers the overall strength of the country 2 8. Communitarian’s refers to a set of beliefs with a long history of impacting political culture in the United States.

Communitarian’s emphasizes the importance of economic classes and common ism agrarian practices limited government needs of the community over needs of the individual voting and democracy user Responses: 9. Graduated Grade:- a. Economic classes and communism In which way do Americans best express the essence of the American Dream? Their commitment to welfare programs Their universal support of limited government Their enthusiasm for capitalism By sending humanitarian aid overseas By regularly voting in elections d. By sending humanitarian aid overseas 10.

The term that refers to widely shared ideas about who should govern, toward what ends, and by what means is us Becquerel fundamentalism ideology political culture demography 11. What d. Political culture is the natural outcome of the United States’ history of immigration? A decline in diversity caused by the immigration rate Substantial racial and ethnic diversity in the American population The foreign- born form the majority of the U. S.