Polstra Cpm BDO Essay

Even if Banc De ROR has the highest weighted score, some of its factors have varied score in rating and weight. Customer Service When it comes to customer loyalty, the experience can be everything, and customer service plays a critical role in that experience. Business success is often a result of the sum total of the experiences your employees create for your customers and these experiences can produce powerful points of differentiation. But exceptional customer service doesn’t just happen! It needs to be an integral part of your business culture and strategy.

To complete the shift from being product centric to being customer centric, each employee needs to be empowered, through leadership and training to deliver the best experience possible. In the above results, the three banks got the same outcomes. Meaning, customer service plays a very important role for every banks. Even though BAD maintain the same level of quality service from its competitors, they should not be confident enough. Other banks may enhance their services and improves for better empowerment. Security and safety People trust bank that has the capacity to protect their money but also their own safety.

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In the above result of CPM, the three banks BAD, BPI and METRONOME got the same rating. BAD must not be contented, they must still proves to their clients that they guarantee the security and safety. Its major competitors BPI and Metronome must also proves something to surpass and to maintain the good ratings. The competition between these three banks are very stiff. Everyone aims to be the best bank in the country. Advertising Advertising helped in attracting people towards bank and helped them in understanding how banks work especially those people who were afraid to go to banks with Of loss Or fraud.

Through advertising people become aware Of Bank’s offers and keep on availing those offers, which result in large revenues for Banks. Advertising helps in establishing goodwill of Banks and thus making A bank who advertises most, popular over others which results in People first choice and their trust. Here, BAD and BPI stills got the same rating of 4 while the METRONOME got 3. BAD and BPI creates an impact on advertising to attract customers and grab their services offered. While comparing BAD to METRONOME as you can see that BAD stills on top.

Facilities In terms of facilities, BAD remains on top compared to BPI and METRONOME. They provide quality and modern facilities which customers feel comfortable. Inside its different branches, you will notice the proper arrangement of office equipment and other supplies. They can also accommodate large volume of clients within its branches because of its wide area. There are also new technologies used for the banking operations like, computers, laptops, CATV camera and other queue intent. Advanced Technology As to advancement of modern tech oenology, BAD comes up short to become on top.

BOO and METRONOME got a rating of 3 while BPI got a rating of 4. BAD must do something to improve their rating. Just like having a deposit ATM machines and kiosk inside the bank for better services. They should also have a system to maintain orderliness in queuing and to lessen the waiting time of the clients. Number of Branches As to number of branches BAD, BPI, and METRONOME got a rating of 4. Every banks should be available in different area due to very stiff competition. There are many clients out there and looking what bank where to put their money.

But even though they have the same rating in branches, BAD still as to number 3 in terms of number of Branches. As of 31 of October 2011 , BAD ad 740 domestic branches and 1 ,545 AT Ms. While BPI as of 2012 of January, it has 81 5 branches located in the Philippines. Lastly, Metronome has over 800 domestic branches in Philippines. Parameters Evaluation 1 . Strategy Longer banking hours Offers low interest rate 2. Structure Multinational Pontification 3. Style Democratic Leadership 4. Shared values BOO Foundation 5. Staff Higher Thinking Self-efficacy Integrity and authenticity 6.

Skills Professionalism Efficient and Effective Quality Service 7. System Offers online/ mobile banking system Strategy What is unique about this bank is their banking hours. When most banks open at AM and close at PM, Banc De ROR started the trend of longer banking hours that made other banks follow suit. BAD is open at AM until PM, Monday through Saturday. Yes, BAD is open even on Saturdays. There are branches in malls that are open until PM. The location of BAD branches in SMS malls evidently helped speed up Body’s growth.

Because a great number of Filipinos go to the mall often, they choose to open BAD accounts so they can bank and shop at the same time under the same roof. It’s also very convenient for OFF families receiving remittances from abroad. Certainly, it’s safer withdrawing money inside the safety of the mall, including exchanging foreign currencies. It also offers low interest rates that every customers can afford. Structure Multinational Corporation is a corporation that has its facilities and other assets in at least one country other than its home country.

Such companies have offices and/or factories in different countries and usually have a centralized head office where they co-ordinate global management. Very large multinationals have budgets that exceed those of many small countries Style Democratic Leadership Style is a very open and collegial style of running a team. Ideas move freely amongst the group and are discussed openly. Everyone is given a seat at the table, and discussion is relatively free-flowing. This style is needed in dynamic and rapidly changing environments where very little can be taken as a constant.

In these fast moving organizations, every option for improvement has to be considered to keep the group from falling out of date. Democratic leadership style can bring the best out of an experienced and professional team. It capitalizes on their skills and talents by eating them share their views, rather than simply expecting them to conform. Shared Values The Bank carries out its corporate social responsibility through the BAD Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit organization that promotes initiatives based on the Bank’s long standing record of support to social development.

The Banks corporate social responsibility focuses on developing communities through advocacy programs focusing on three vital areas, namely, decent shelter, sustainable livelihood, and practical education for the unrealized sector of society. As well, the BAD Foundation actively promotes volunteerism mongo its employees who help out in the Foundation’s various activities that reinforce these programs and include, among others, community building, livelihood/skills training, fund raising, and environmental/green initiatives.

Through these, the Bank hopes that it is able to give back to society and make a positive contribution to the broader community it serves. Staff In the world of business, keeping customers satisfied and retaining them is vital to continued success. Often, the employees who work face-to-face with these customers are the ones who determine their levels of satisfaction, peeping them content with the company and preventing them from looking elsewhere for someone to meet their needs.

Instead of ignoring the impact your employees can have upon the overall satisfaction levels of your client base, keep this power in mind and encourage employees to make the most of the power they wield, helping your business achieve success. It is important that workers participate in the risk assessment. They know the problems and the details of what really happens when they perform their tasks or activities, so they should be involved in the assessment. Their practical knowledge or impotence is also often needed to develop workable preventive measures.

Skills Finding and keeping workers with the knowledge and skills to get the job done is critical in today’s workplace. A skilled workforce is often the key to a company’s growth and stability, and it could be the determining factor in the success of business. Banc De ROR members must possess professionalism, competence, discipline, and productivity in bringing the best output. They are encouraged to demonstrate their professional proficiency to effectively carry out their professional responsibilities. System BOO provides internet and mobile banking system.