Popular America Culture Essay

Popular America Culture

Mass media and popular civilization are rather interconnected. Mass media has a great influence on civilization building. This term paper discusses the impacts of mass media on socialization. It will look at the relationships among media and the normative cultural values formation. Finally the paper will discourse the influence of the cyberspace on civilization and communicating agencies. Real universe illustrations are given to confirm the paper.

Part I
Impact of the mass media on socialization

Socialization can be viewed as the procedure through which individuals learn the contents of a civilization and assimilates them to their lives. Mass media has grown in popularity and has formed portion of our day-to-day socialization. This is due to the immense impact of mass media on socialization. The Random House Unabridged Dictionary ( 1997 ) defines socialization as a procedure whereby individuals learn group civilization by experience, observation, and direction.

The society is accessing engineering more easy with clip. The mass media communicating devices are rapidly deluging every corner of the society doing airing of information rather easy to all the ages of people. Media has been able to do some of the subjects which were ne’er discussed freely to be so discussed. This has impacted both negatively and positively on the people having the information. Age groups which were non in a place to entree some information in the yesteryear can entree it freely and to whatever degree they desire. A batch of research has been conducted on the antisocial and prosocial impact of the media.

Harmonizing to Motion Picture Research Council films have a potency of doing antisocial behaviours in kids. It is claimed that many of the things which are learnt from films have antisocial overtones. In the 1950s the amusing books were besides added to the list of the subscribers to the antisocial behaviours ( Wertham, 1954 ) . The 1950s saw many experiments conducted on the Television shows. These included the Bandura experiments which implicated violent media with aggressive behaviours among kids. The Media has besides been associated with sex. Some media houses have got plans which entirely talk about sex. Some Television shows have taught the adolescents and the populace in general how to dress sexily and populate what is normally called a sex life style. Walking about in any metropolis it is really easy to run into sexual sentiments. Broadcasts have shaped sex to be a popular manner of self look ( Bandura, 1977 ) .

The Sesame street plan is an illustration of Television series which has shown much [ positive impact among its positions. Harmonizing to Minton ( 1975 ) the plan was able to fix kids in preparedness for school ( Minton 1975 ) . Harmonizing to CBS Broadcast Group ( 1974 ) Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids was rather helpful in learning prosocial lessons to kids ( CBS Broadcast Group 1974 ) . Most action films for case Prison interruption shows how governments can be successful fooled and any grounds of offense committed erased. This can perchance hold a bad impact on some 3rd universe states whose security system are still rickety and people felons ca n easy copy what they see in films with much success.

MTV is a good illustration of a modern influencer on popular civilization. This is particularly pronounced for the instance of the young persons who from the major portion of viewing audiences of MTV. Take for case the Saturday Night Show. The plan is designed with adverts cutting in e really other minute. Due to the popularity of the show the adverts made certainly have the eyes and ears 1000000s hearers. The adolescents who form the bulk of the positions of this show are prone to be influenced by the adverts. Everyday 1000000s of waxy adolescents watch a show called Saturday Night Live.

Part II

The relationship among the media, advertisement and formation of normative cultural values

In explicating how the media can act upon the formation of normative cultural values, Van Evra ( 1990 ) proposes the book theory. He argues that since most positions have small experience on life affairs the media brings these affairs to the positions often. For case if a individual has ne’er experience force in life, the experience can be felt practical when 1 is exposed to the force in media often given form of force is created. This form is dictated merely by the media being the major beginning of cognition of force to the individual watching ( Van Evra, 1990 ) .

The media, being a major beginning of information on many issues in life, the positions are inclined to follow the civilization portrayed by the media refering the subject in inquiry. Comstock and Paik ( 1991 ) attempt to cast some visible radiation on how the media can assist in determining up a civilization among the fans. They argue that in most instances the media portrays life issues in alone, compelling and unusual mode which is likely to pull and elicit the attending of the fans. This makes the manner life issues are handled in the media to be the most attractive manner of acceptance. They quote the societal knowledge theory which claims that forms which are portrayed repetitively and redundantly are likely to motivate the fans to follow the forms unconsciously ( Comstock & A ; Paik, 1991 ) .

Comstock and Paik ( 1991 ) besides claims that the manner characters are framed in the media makes their manner of managing issues the lone manner of managing a existent life issue in which some one has no experience on. It should besides be noted that media stars like instrumentalists are popularized by the media. Fans of such stars tend to copy what these stars do. A good illustration is the popularity of soap operas particularly among the young person. These are largely based around love issues. Most youth have resolved to accommodate to the manner love issues are handled in the soaps. Another good illustration is how music is distributing dressing codification among the young person. It is really conspicuous among the black American instrumentalists to dress in a alone manner. This is particularly for the instance blame and hip hop music which is really popular among the young person all over the universe. Most youth have adapted to these instrumentalists manner of frock codifications and manner of life particularly in the African states ( Comstock & A ; Paik, 1991 ) .

Part III

The societal impact of the cyberspace

The cyberspace connexion has contributed much to globalisation. Globalization has much impact on intermixing different civilizations and homogenising them. Through the cyberspace information flow is possible to all the corners of the Earth. Research has shown the use of cyberspace is rapidly replacing the other media particularly TV watching. This is because the clip traditional dedicated to watching Television is being used for cyberspace surfboarding ( Weaver, 1998 ) . Basically the cyberspace is used for information, communicating, amusement and association.

The cyberspace is so wide that it covers about every portion and issues of life facets. The cyberspace is likely to hold a great influence than all the other signifiers of media because of its unique. The cyberspace can existent replace all the other signifiers of communicating. Through the cyberspace one to one communicating is possible about everyplace. Through the usage of blackberry, one is able to acquire in touch with other people at any clip. The cyberspace has all the attractive characteristics of all the media and therefore easy influences its users really easy ( Weaver, 1998 ) .

The cyberspace is besides rather habit-forming due to its limitless potency of accessing information. A good illustration of how the cyberspace has influenced its user is through the facebook. Facebook is able connect people who are any distance apart. Their easy to utilize do them popular and as a consequence make the airing of information faster. Through this features assorted cultural facets are exchanges among the users of such sites. Through such sites cultural values are movable to different parts of the universe.


Media is rather influential in the formation and airing of cultural values. This is because media has taken the halfway phase of information beginning of any sort. Through the word picture of life issues in a alone manner, the users of media are tempted to accommodate the media manner of making things and as a consequence terminal up accommodating a manner of life which is depicted by the media likely from a different portion of the Earth. Through such civilization values are spread to different parts of the Earth. The cyberspace has of late become the most popular manner that information is passed around.


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