gc models have the same full length

and defense.

All Kimber Classic Pistols have a ribbed Commander-style hammer to prevent clothing snags. An enlarged firing pin stop locks the tactical extractor in position for total reliability.

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Compact and Pro Carry Series pistols have all the features of the Custom, along with a four-inch bushingless bull barrel design that ensures dependability while making them easier to carry and conceal. The unique Kimber bull barrel keeps maximum barrel weight forward, minimizing felt recoil and reducing muzzle lift for faster sight recovery. Keeping weight forward has the added benefit of holding the slide in battery longer, increasing accuracy. In the Kimber design, the slide travels further than on similar pistols. This gives the magazine follower spring more time to properly position the next round, ensuring positive feeding. The Kimber design also uses a single recoil spring.

Models differ in both frame material (steel, stainless steel or aluminum) and grip length. Compact models have an Officer’s-length grip that is .400 inch shorter than full size models, making them easier to conceal. Pro Carry models have the same full length grip as full size pistols, permitting the four finger grip preferred by many shooters.

Compact and Pro Carry pistols have a 4-inch bull barrel. The barrel is fitted directly to the slide, eliminating the need for a bushing. Maximum weight is kept forward, increasing accuracy while reducing felt recoil.

Kimber uses the finest aluminum available as the basis for frames. Machined from solid blocks on the same machines and to the same precision tolerances demanded from steel, the 7075-T7 material yields frames that have been tested to 20,000 rounds without measurable wear. While reducing weight by six or seven ounces may not initially seem important, it makes a big difference if the pistol is carried every day.

New this year is the Pro Carry HD (Heavy Duty) .45 ACP, the first Pro Carry with a stainless
steel frame.

Compact Series Pistols have a grip .400 inch shorter than the full length Pro Carry, making them easier to conceal.

Some Compact and Pro Carry pistols have lightweight aluminum frames. These frames are machined from solid blocks of 7075-T7 aluminum, the hardest and strongest available. This premium material holds the same tight tolerances Kimber demands from steel frames.