Popular Culture Related Concepts Essay

Culture concepts provide a visual and written description of commercialisation commodification continuity consumption ideology Term Definition change institutional power conflict values The values and beliefs held by a group of people that guide how they act and reflect the desires they have for the culture and Structure Of society. commercialisation The process of adding value to an idea, product or commodity with the aim of selling it and make a profit.

Commercialisation is about preparing the item for sale and making money from it. The success of commercialisation often relies on marketing and advertising. consumption the process of selecting and using a product. consumption involves conscious decision to engage with a commodity commodification A social process by which an item is turned into a commodity in readiness to be traded. the process relies on marketing strategies with the aim of producing a perceived value in the item change The alteration or modification of cultural elements in a society.

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Change to society can occur at the micro, mess and macro levels. It can be brought about by modernisation processes, including technological innovation. This force results in an alteration to culture. institutional power The power that exists in institutions and how it is used to control aspects of society. Institutions such as the family, school, law and government use inherent power to control, chance and maintain continuity of interactions. continuity The persistence of consistent existence of cultural elements in a society cross time.

Continuity can also be referred to as the maintenance of the traditions and social structures that bring stability to a society. conflict A perceived incompatibility of goals or actions. Conflict can occur at all levels in society and its resolution can involve modification to what was previously in place. values Deeply held ideas and beliefs that guide our thinking, language and behaviour. Differences in values exist among groups of people in society and are a part of one’s culture. Values can be challenged.