Popular Scholarly Sources Essay

The article was found in the January issue of this magazine. The article is a st Ory about a woman who tries to save elephants in her every day life. An appropriate audience for this magazine would be matured adults who app reciate the science fiction aspect Of todays society, animal enthusiasts, animal activists, a nd also individuals studying animal habits or the endangerment of certain species.

Th se are all the people that come to mind when ask myself, who or what kind of people wou ld most likely be caught reading this type of literature? There are also several observations that can be made while flipping through t he other pages of the magazine. Looking at the advertisements throughout the magazine, yo u can automatically observe that this reading material is for a more mature audienc e. This can be hinted by the advertisements of camera lenses, bird watching books/ cell phone applications, binocular sales, Wildlife Society donation forms, and also the intense pictures f different type of animals.

A more mature and sophisticated adult would be reading this mag azine by the looks of the advertisements and other articles. Looking into the other articles within the magazine, the observation (noted a hove) can be concluded because of the different type of content. The content is informatio nal as well as numerical (statistics). The content is more informational than “fun” to read for the average person but when reaching the right audience (more mature and sophisticated adults interested in the finer portions of science), it could be very fun.

There are also several other magazines that would interest the readers of this magazine. Some may include National Geographic, Natural Dog, Animal Wellness, Time, and also Wild Tr avel. The scholarly journal, A Qualitive Study of Insults in Collaborative Learning has an Intended audience of educators, potential educators, and students. You can tell this by the informational material because it is a kind of study. The overall purpose of this journal is to determine how social behavior can in fluence a student’s learning. This journal article demonstrates a study based on thirtyt wo sixth grade students.

It is very easy to find another article that has an audience aimed for educators , potential educators, and students. There were thousands to pick from in the ProQuest database. Some differences between the magazine article and the scholarly article are t he statistics. The statistics in the Qualitative Study article are backed up by facts and reaso ning because a study was done, whereas the statistics in the Elephant article didn’t really hav e much to back it up. The advertisements were also a big difference. There are no advertisem ents in the Qualitative Study article and there were a lot Of advertisements in the Elepha t magazine.