PoseidonMost he started to have a desire for

PoseidonMost people believe earthquakes are started when a rock underground breaks along a fault then releases energy that causes the seismic waves that make the ground shake. The Greek god Poseidon who is known for earthquakes started them by striking his trident on the ground. He is the god of earthquakes, horses ( tamer of the horses ) and water.( THINGS YOUR GONNA TALK ABOUT IN THE PAPER )Paragraph 1 ( Who is Poseidon, family/siblings)    Poseidon is the god of the sea/water, horses, and earthquakes. He was thought to be the reason for boat wrecks and drownings. The name Poseidon can either mean husband/lord of the earth. Poseidon is known to have anger issues and often uses his powers to punish people for revenge. His character as a sea god had become the most prominent in art and was represented by the trident, dolphins, and tuna. He is considered one of the most bad-tempered, moody, greedy Olympian gods, can cause major catastrophes, ( earthquakes, storms, floods ) and is also very known to be vengeful when insulted. Poseidon is one of 3 sons (the others are Hades and Zeus),  and their three sisters were Demeter, Hestia, and Hera. Cronus was the horrible father who feared his own children so he ate them at birth. According to some folklore, He continued to eat the newborns until Rhea (his wife) tricked him by giving him stones instead to save Zeus because they felt he was going to be different from their other children.Paragraph 2 ( His personal fam, love affairs/children)Poseidon has quite a history of love and his affairs. He was known to be “very selfish” when it comes to women and had many affairs with goddesses and mortals. Poseidon had monstrous offspring including giants and savage creatures. He raped quite a few women and even had an affair with his own sister Demeter. She had asked him to make the “most beautiful animal the world has ever seen and that’s when he started to have a desire for her. Of course, he had many unsuccessful attempts and he had created different animals in the process. When he created the horse his “passion” for Demeter had diminished but he used his powers just to get back with her. Poseidon had introduced the first horses by the 2nd-century BCE and had fathered many of them. Paragraph 3 ( His trident, war)Poseidon had fought very bravely against the Titans during the war, so the cyclopes made him a trident as a token of gratitude. The trident can be used to create harsh weather and shatter any object. The sailors were relying on Poseidon for a safe voyage on the sea. Even though Poseidon has some anger issues, he can be cooperative and even helped the Greeks during the Trojan war. After defeating the Titans, the three gods ( Poseidon, Zeus, Hades ) divided the world into three each taking a role. Poseidon took the sea, Zeus took the sky and Hades took the underworld.ConclusionEven today we still interact with Poseidon or in this case, King Neptune. At the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, there is a statue that a lot of people go to see that’s called King Neptune