Positive precaution steps that can take to

Positive effect of teen marriage
is stable financial. First,cheap weddings are expected. No one’s expecting a
teen couple throw huge wedding at young age and you get to save all that money
which is the first step to build a stable financial.Next, for couple that
choose to marry early, there is no pressure to have kids in the near future.
You get to enjoy each other’s company and attention while figuring out the life
of a married couple and build a strategy to have a better finacial in family.
Early marriage gives more time for couples to pursue their career comfortably .
If people said that when get married definitely will get a kids in near time,it
is absolutely wrong because in this modern time,there are so many precaution
steps that can take to avoid pregancy at young age.According to article wrtten
by Goenka (2017),usage of condom,usage of diaphragm,use an emergency
contraceptive pills and many more are examples precautions to avoid pregnancy. Yet
they also can further their study for a better job and brighten their
future.Based on “Marrypedia”,married families generally earn higher incomes
than stepfamilies, cohabiting families, divorced families, separated families,
and single-parent families. According to one study, the household income of
married families is twice that of divorced households and four times that of
separated households. Married couples generally save more,have higher net
worth, and enjoy greater net worth growth from year to year. Married households
have net worth growth rates ranging from $3,000 to $17,000 per annum more than
all other households. Besides, it is not an easy task to make a career and look
after the family or household. In “Advantages of Early Marriage,” (2011) single
tends to spend a lot. After people get marriage, many people are able to find
themselves able to have more saving in the bank  Moreover, it should not be an easy thing to
feed the kids even after retiring. This will indeed be self-sacrificing
throughout your life. Thus, it is important that your children should be older
to look after themselves as you retire from your job. As a result, you will be
financially stable that should be vital for the household.