Positive and negative aspects of online teaching systems Essay

Maven University is really popular among international concerns, and the classs are unfastened for postgraduate pupils. Teaching online is the most popular method among Marven ‘s clients. They have decided to present the new learning systems. Each learning systems has functionality of scopes, but they are different in each other by their offers. Main aim of this study is to analyse the positive and negative effects of choosing these causes of action.

This study discusses the ‘THE BEST POSSIBLE LIMITATIONS ‘ unfastened for Maven University to confront this state of affairs successfully. There are a figure of restrictions on taking down a new online learning systems direction should see all the options carefully before geting at a determination. Main sing factors are given below.


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*Initial hard currency spending

*Pay back period

* Net nowadays value

One of the chief standards to see is the cost of each system. The Globe system is cost of & A ; lb ; 220,000, Tidies is & A ; lb ; 200,000 and Visage system is cost of & A ; lb ; 185,000. The direction of Marven university should see the immediate fiscal effects of the suggested options every bit good as the long-run impact on its Management, Marven university should understand the demands of its pupils and the current market demand in order to offer the best to do good net incomes. And besides The direction of Marven University will hold to make a complete fiscal analysis to place the fiscal deduction of this learning systems of action towards the overall profitableness.

Pay attending about the initial hard currency spending in each learning systems.

Comparing to the expected initial hard currency flows, Globs system has the most positive hard currency flow.

When sing about the wage back period have to see the length of clip period to retrieve the initial hard currency. If acquire the initial hard currency in shortest clip period that must be the most desirable undertaking, most of companies consider pay back period, because it is simple and easy to cipher acquire the hard currency early to minimise the hazard.

Based on the computation of wage back method in this instance, Globe system takes 4 old ages and 2 months, Tidies 5 old ages and Visage takes more than 5 old ages to return the hard currency. Sing that facts the most appropriate system is Globe, which has the shortest wage back period.

Other cardinal point is net present value of each system, If the present value is grater than the capital invested, so the net nowadays value will be positive. If the present value is less than the capital invested, so the net present value is negative. Any undertaking has positive net nowadays value it can be accepted undertaking, but negative net present value index must be rejected. So basal to the computation of Net present value of each system, all the 3 systems indicate negative values, so any of these undertaking can non be recommended.

Non fiscal issues to be considered in doing investing determinations

It is non advisable for the Management to come to a decision merely by analyzing the fiscal factors. Making investing determination is non all about financial-factors but, the non-financial factors excessively plays a important function in of import investing determinations of a concern. As both Financial and non-financial public presentations are every bit of import to a concern, it is indispensable to place the cardinal issues that involvement investors and how a concern should pass on its public presentation on those issues best. So before taking a concluding determination Marven university has to see the non fiscal factors as good.

Human Capital

Effective and efficient people direction is critical, as ‘human Capital ‘ is the best plus for any organisation that can do or interrupt a concern. Harmonizing to Armstrong, 2009, ‘an organized work force is the key to success for any organisation. ‘

The direction should ever do certain that there is sufficient work force to run the concern.

Customer Relationss

To what widen the investing will fulfill its customer-base is a really of import non-financial factor to be considered by concern caputs before doing any investing, as the clients are ever the ‘king. ‘ Therefore, holding good relationships with clients and providers means a batch for a concern to win in the current competitory market. Customer-retention and customer-loyalty are the cardinal factors for successful customer-relations.

Customer keeping

‘The technique to keep relationships with bing clients ‘ ( Chaffey, 2008 ) The direction of Marven University of R College surely need to retain its major client base – the local concerns, to win in the industry.

Customer Loyalty

‘Customer Loyalty is when an organisation receives the ultimate wages for the manner it interacts with its clients. Loyal clients buy more, purchase longer and state more people ‘ ( Goodwright, 2009 ) Customer Loyalty ‘ would be the ‘BEST Viva-voce Ad ‘ for Marven University to better its current and future concern. Competitive advantage can be easy achieved through ‘Customer Loyalty. ‘marven university should concentrate on making a loyal client base, as that is the ideal manner to derive the best sort of clients and besides repetition clients.


‘The environment is what gives administrations their agencies of endurance. ‘ ( Johnson etal, 2008 )

Presents about all concerns are more concerned about ‘Green-activities ‘ as a bar for the environmental pollution. When puting on a concern, it is the investors ‘ duty to believe of methods that gives minimal harm to the environment. As a educational institute direction of Marven university should pay more attending for that.


An organisation can either turn organically by investing-back net incomes and proprietors capital into the concern or meeting with other companies. As a portion of the procedure of globalisation, more partnerships, amalgamations and acquisitions are taking topographic point presents. E.g. ‘Thomas Cook ‘ merged with ‘My Travel Company ‘ in June, 2007. ( BBC, June-2007 )

The ‘economic-downturn ‘ started in end-2007, has created so much uncertainness in fiscal factors in current concern environment, giving much importance to the non-financial factors in doing investing determinations.


Advanced thought is critical for a successful investing.

Corporate Administration

As per the research done by the Institute of concern moralss – United kingdom in 2003 ;

Companies with Corporate applied moralss execute better financially than those lone with corporate revealed moralss and

Business moralss has a stronger impact on accounting-based steps or market-based indexs.


Quality is the cardinal factor which makes an administration successful. Bing an Educational Institute, it is critical to keep both high quality and dependability as they help puting a solid foundation for Marven university in the industry.

When choosing a good instruction method we can non merely see about the cost, but besides the quality every bit good, but in these learning systems we does non hold any thought about the quality of each method, because they merely submit the fiscal figers. Marven university is good reputed university, so they have to keep their repute among the pupils. Bing in the educational industry, it is critical to keep a really good repute.

One major restriction is in this instance all fiscal factors does non see about the revenue enhancement and inflexions. It is merely predicting future events. But in economic experts ever refer about the clip value of money. That is base on the invested & A ; lb ; 1 today but after one twelvemonth its value becomes & A ; lb ; 1.10.

Recommendations and Decision

The immediate fiscal effects of the suggested options to carry-out concern successfully for Marven university, every bit good as the long-run impact on its non fiscal degrees are discussed above which will surely assist the direction to make up one’s mind the ‘BEST OPTION ‘ that they should be going-ahead. There are three options open for Marven University direction to green light.

As a first option sing about the cost we can urge Visage Teaching system is the best method.

But harmonizing to the wage back period advisable to implement is Globs.

In my decision after holding considered the factors discussed above, Globe system is the best instruction system out of that three systems, because it has less pay back period every bit good as the positive hard currency flow, so I recommended Marven University to travel caput with Globe system and acquire the benefit of that method to drive success in their concern.