Pow 14 Essay

Pow 14 imp 1. conner Douglas 1. Problem statement. A wealthy king has 8 bags of gold that gives to some of his most trusted friends. All the bags have the same weight and the same amount of coins in the bags is all of the gold in the kingdom. Although, the king herd that a local woman received a gold coin. The king knew that it had to be one of his coins so he wanted to find the lightest bag in 3 weightings. But his court mathematician thought it could be done in less, so I need to find out the least amount of weightings. 2. Process

I started by weighing 4 bags on each side of the simulator scale to see which side was lighter. Then from those results I thought to weigh the 4 bags that were on the lighter side then again I would weigh the 2 lighter ones to find out which one it is. However the mathematician said that I can be done in less than 3 moves, so throwing the answer that I just got to the side, I started new. This time I started with 3 bags on each side knowing that if both sides were equal then the bag with the missing gold will be in one of the two other bags.

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But I knew that you wouldn’t find out which one is the lightest one on the second time. Then you would take the other 3 bags and way 2 at a time then if they way the same then you know which one is lighter to get the bag with fewer coins. 3. The least amount of times of weightings you need to do in order to find the bag with the missing gold is 2 because any-other way of solving this question would be 3 or 4.

I know this because I tried every different possibility. 4. This POW thought me that you couldn’t just assume and answer and think it’s right you need to try different strategies to try to get the true minimum of a problem. Also, this POW flexed the skill of organized thinking and planning because you have to keep all the information from all the ways tried to understand why 3 is not the minimumnumber.


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