Practice DBQ Essay

As of Christianity, Ephesians 2:89 says, ” By grace through faith in Jew us Christ. ” As of Islam, Quern 23: 101 103 says, “Achieved through works, thus pee arsenal righteousness must outweigh personal sin. ” As of Judaism they believe by the good works and prayers and the grace of god. There is no parallel to the Christianity y view of substitution atonement.

Another other differences between these three religions is the “Holy Bible.C hairstylist Holy Bible is “The Bible” given by God to man. The bible writers were inspired by God in their writings. Too, Christianity refer to the bible as “The word of God. ” Islam Holy bible is ‘ ‘The Quern” revealed to the prophet Muhammad over a period of about 20 years. The Quern is the final revelation given to Allah to mankind. Lastly, Judaism Holy Bi able is the Hebrew Tanana, similar to the Christian old testament, comprised of the Tort h.Lastly, another differences between these three religion is their perspective views on Jesus Christ.

Muslims think the Christian Bible is a holy document, as it describe sees the life and times of one of their Prophets, though they do not agree with some of the e details. The Jews do not believe thesaurus was a Prophet, or in any way holy. As for SSL says Jesus was only a prophet. He major differences is that most Christians be live that Jesus was divine, the son of God.