Praise to Sandy Essay

When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast many people were in shock and disbelief. They couldn’t believe that this hurricane was this powerful.

People were frightened that destruction would happen like the destruction of Katrina when it hit the Gulf but this wasn’t that severe but in a little way it was better. People just simply thought that this hurricane would be major destruction and death.Sandy wasn’t your typical hurricane and when asking a New Jersey native Steve McKenzie, he said “what this hurricane did was save people’s lives that were living pay check to pay check and allowed them to save money and get a free car washes and laundry service”. Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast quickly after it hit the Caribbean and picked up a couple tons of sand to be transported along the east coast beaches.

Not only did the hurricane help the shortage of sand supply in the local beaches but it also saved residents who lost power a lot of money.Since Hurricane Sandy came in and took out the power of thousands of residents, it saved locals hundreds of dollars in energy bills. Mark Newman of New York said, “Now I can pay the energy bill on time. ” and Ricky Henderson, the chief officer for the Green Party said, “the environment will be greener and the Earth will last another million years since the power went out due to Hurricane Sandy and saved so much energy”.

New York City, NY one of the dirtiest cities in America and most cities along the east coast, experienced a street cleaning like no other when Sandy washed through their streets. State of New York Public Safety president Lee Corso said, “Sandy cleaned the city streets, dumps, and cured the rat infestation the city had been experiencing for quite some time now. ” He also commented in saying that, “it saved the city countless amounts of money that would have been used to clean the city, to now be used for other projects. People are praising the help the hurricane has done for them and their families. People are now asking local weather men when the next hurricane will occur so they won’t have to prepare at all for it. Even the New York Stock Exchange experienced record highs when people started buying the new “Sandy Stock” which was available before the hurricane hit the coast and had only been growing positively since the hurricane ended.In New Jersey people were crying and cheering for joy when they found out the destruction made it evident that the television show Jersey Shore would not be taped in the area anymore.

Some would say the damage the hurricane caused to local properties was more negative than positive, but for the houses along the coast that got destroyed, it’s the homeowners fault for locating the house so close to the coast where a hurricane is likely to happen.We asked New Jersey local Jimmy Pizza who lives along the coast and he said, “My home got destroyed and is now unlivable but, I should have realized the consequences that come from living along the coast of New Jersey”. Hurricane Sandy was a blessing in disguise and the impacts it made will probably not be matched in our lifetime and we must be thankful while we can and pray another miracle like Sandy comes again.