Preamble: United States Constitution Essay

Without an introduction is very difficult to understand what something is going to be about.

That is why an introduction is vital to any piece of writing. Having said that, the preamble does the same thing, it introduces the constitution and it is an essential piece to understand what the constitution is about, and how it was made to serve our country. Many goals were established by the constitution and the Framers chose important concepts to make The United States a more productive country.All Six concepts were very important and Four of the main ones are To established justice, promote general welfare, ensure domestic tranquility and One of the six main focuses In the preamble of the United States Constitution is “to establish justice” The framers included this to set up a reasonable and unbiased system of laws where it doesn’t matter what the persons race, religion, gender, or financial status is.

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Established Justice means that our government makes decisions to fix problems among citizens and our community, where one is treated justly and equally and is perhaps assured that their rights are respected by others.Today the Constitution gives the job to the federal system of courts and the Supreme Court. As Stated in ARTICLE III SECTION 1 “The judicial Power of the United States shall be vested in one supreme Court and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish”.

The federal court has many issues to take care off. The federal court has to listen to the cases concerning the constitution, treaties, national laws, and of course settle disputes between states and individuals.The Supreme Court however has more power and can rule a law passed by congress. During 1787 many people were concern about injustice and unfairness of laws and trade. Many of those people wanted a nation that was uniform. That is why the constitution was made, and the preamble makes establish justice a key component to help people and citizens of the United States. Even though today discrimination still exists, many citizens have an established justice and the opportunity of a fair trial.The preamble also makes “promote the General Welfare” another vital goal for the United States.

In fact the constitution stated that the national government is able to promote general welfare. The framers of the constitution included “’promote general welfare” because it allows every citizen and every state to benefit from the government. The national government has a lot of power, so much that it is able to collect taxes from people and set money aside to help citizens of the United States. Today the national government promotes welfare with the workplace.People who are unemployed receive financial support and factory owners follow very specific rules for their work places. The social security system makes sure that all workers receive benefits when they retired. Another way welfare is promoted is with Education.

Education is something we should value and is very important for our lives and future, and it also prepares people and gives them the tools needed to work. The government is very involved with education, for example the government pays for school nutrition programs and many students receive free or reduce lunch.Students also get help to pay for their college and without General Welfare this would not be possible. General welfare makes sure we have benefits and we get help when needed. The Framers also thought to “Ensure Domestic Tranquility” by including it in the preamble. A very important event took place in the mid 1780’s; it was called the Shays Rebellion.

This event made it very evident that the national government needed to guarantee power of domestic tranquility. The Constitution does this by given the government power to keep peace and tranquility.For example today we have the police to enforce national laws, but the United States Also has the FBI to help protect property and liberty. It is very vital to feel safe and tranquility at home, that actually use to be one of the main concern for many people. In ARTICLE II SECTION 1 it stated “The president is the chief of the executive branch.

It is the job of the president to enforce the law” The president also makes sure that we have a safe environment and also tranquility. Now many people feel tranquil at their homes and most importantly feel safe.Without this part in the preamble, we would be very concern about our safety at home and would be very concern about our safety at home. The colonists fought the American Revolution for liberty. That is one of the main reasons why the framers of the constitution would include “Secure the Blessing Liberty” as one of their six major goals.

Liberty means that anyone has the freedom to do whatever they desired, as long as they follow the laws and respect the rights of other people. One main way the constitution ensures liberty is by limiting power to the government.An example of this is the BILL OF RIGHTS; our basic rights to our freedom are in the first 10 amendments.

These basic rights are not permitted to be taken away by the government. The right to vote is another way the constitution has kept liberty safe. As members of the United States we have the right to choose our leaders to help make laws. Liberty is one of the most important rights that we have as human and no matter what our race , or gender is we are still able to liberty and rights towards things like voting, housing, education and many opportunities in life.Without liberty we wouldn’t be able to have a productive life where we can do whatever we wanted. There is no hesitation that the framers of the constitution made the right choice by making these goals for the United States. The Constitution was not just important it was the most vital document crafted in history. Without these principles and the constitution our country would not be the same because this document affects every single one of us every single.