Predicted Trends That Will Revolutionise PHP Web Development in 2018

PHP developer in SydneySummary: This article throws some light on the upcoming revolutions or trends in PHP development in 2018 and how they will impact the performance of web applications. Changes in IT and web development are inevitable and are always necessary for website owners or online ventures to remain updated with the latest trends to stay ahead in the race. The trends in PHP development are rapid and frequent, sometimes faster than the time taken to implement them.

This shows that it quite tough for web developers to adhere to each of the new trends. This article presents some of the credible predictions in PHP web development for the coming year which businesses need to be aware of if they are planning to create a website or redesign their existing site.#1 Static websitesWeb development is gradually returning back to its root with Static websites, which were the first website concept during the era of World Wide Web. Dynamic website or modern CMS ruled in the recent years with complicated development processes and extended functionalities that needed direct communication with a server. This involved backend development in creating dynamic websites. However, static websites will make a comeback in 2018 with a lot of improvements brought by static site generators which will blend the goodness of a CMS and static websites. #2 Single page websitesThis trend promotes utmost simplicity in web development. Single page websites will allow incorporating all the relevant content onto one long scrollable page, preventing any messing up of content.

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They bring in great advantages for the viewers too who do not have to deal with complex navigation, multiple menus, or lots of text. #3 Progressive Web applications The next year will witness the emergence of Progressive web apps giving toughest competition to native applications for mobiles. While the concept surfaced long ago in 2015, it will become a real phenomenon now providing websites with the feel of native apps. In addition, they will also work offline providing an exemplary user-experience and the credit goes to the service workers.

#4 Chatbots for Online customer assistanceIn 2018, website developers will be giving more importance to chatbots supporting customer services 24×7 on the websites. Such bot created with the integration of BI will be smart enough to answer the queries or FAQs or in redirecting the visitors to a particular page. With most preferring websites with responsive online assistance, it will become a prerequisite for every website or application to integrate customer support chatbot. #5 Motion UISimplicity is preferred more in web development now. Websites with flashing ads, animated GIFs, and too much of images no create major attraction but takes away more time in development. In the meantime, sophisticated motion UI is gaining traction that allows adding of videos or motion images to the background.

While implementing of motion UI is easy, it adds more style to a minimalistic website, making it distinct from the others sites with static UI. Without a doubt, these predicted trends are sure to bring vast changes in the web development. If you own a website or willing to develop one, make sure you embrace these constructive trends with the help of qualified and competent PHP developers. Author bio:..

is a tech geek and expert PHP developer in Sydney, working at PHPProgrammers, which is one of the visionary web development services providers in recent times, having immense expertise in different PHP frameworks.