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Housing of satisfactory quality is seen globally as a primary human demand. In 1991, in its General Comment No. 4, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights defined “ low-cost lodging ” as lodging with legal security of term of office, that has the handiness of service, that is low-cost and habitable, that is accessible, in the right location and that is culturally equal ( Leckie and Thiele et al. , 2002 ) .

This is a major job for South Africa. Harmonizing to statistics South Africa ( 2009 ) merely 56 % of South Africans live in fully-owned formal homes in 2009 ( Le Roux, 2011 ) . Low cost lodging is of extreme importance but seem to hold its ain jobs such as the support from the authorities and the clip they take to build. The current backlog is estimated to be someplace between 2.1 to 2.5 million units.


As so many South Africans are in demand of lodging, the survey is done to research some of the spreads and jobs environing the lodging crises in South Africa such as the high costs and clip ingestion, and to hopefully plan a lodging solution that is less expensive and faster to construct every bit good as community centres to assist these people nutrient and other basic demands.


The purpose of this survey is happening a possible solution to the lodging crises in South Africa every bit good as happening ways to assist the people in this crisis have a better life style with better basic demands. The thought is that this possible solution will be determined by making research on the background and history of the lodging crises, analyzing this information and so by researching ways to turn to these jobs.


Housing jobs in South Africa

Harmonizing to the Department of lodging, lodging is one of the biggest jobs of South Africa. The authorities, since coming into power in 1994 have built 1.4million houses and therefore gave places to 5 million people. There is still a monolithic backlog and the costs are huge (, 2014 ) .

These are some of the issues discussed in the article Houses For Everyone on the website South The cognition gained from this web site will assist to to the full hold on the job that South Africa is confronting. This web site will be used for the research on the background, history and the grounds for the lodging job in South Africa.

Get downing with mention to organic structures of grounds that suggest the being of a serious lodging job in South Africa, this paper goes on to analyze some of the salient characteristics of that job” ( Napier, 1993 ) .

The research papers Housing job in South Africa: ideological positions will bind in with the web site mentioned antecedently, to better understand the jobs that lie within the lodging jobs of South Africa.By cognizing why South Africa have these lodging jobs and by cognizing what the chief factors that contribute to these jobs are, it is easier to happen solutions.

For some excess information about the lodging jobs in South Africa and to see the jobs from a different position the two beginnings supra will besides be accompanied by The proviso of low-priced lodging in South Africa: a wicked job with a systems theory solution by F.E Le Roux ( Le Roux, 2011 ) .

Low cost lodging solutions

Low cost lodging in itself besides has positive and negative facets to it. It is of import to research these factors so that the negative points can be replaced with positive 1s therefore the book ; Housing Needs and Policy Alternatives in Developing States will be used as a beginning to happen out what these factors might be ( Struyk, 1988 ) .

One of the most of import factors of low cost lodging is the fact that it has to be inexpensive. To happen out what the costs are environing low cost lodging the SABC’s intelligence web site will be used as they provide these costs in one of the lodging strategies launched by the South African authorities ( Moya, 2014 ) .

Along with cognizing the positive and negative facets and the monetary value of low cost lodging it is besides necessary to cognize how low cost lodging is made and what stuffs are used. For this, Moladi is a South African concern that specialises in low cost lodging and the edifice of such lodging (, 2014 ) .

Prefabricated lodging

To understand the construct of prefabricated houses, what it is all approximately, how it is done, how much it costs and what the positive and negative factors are, is an of import portion of the research. Insider’s Guide to Modular Homes ( Key, 2008 ) , has sufficient sum of information 1 might necessitate about prefabricated lodging and is the beginning that will be consulted on this portion of the research.

Sustainable solutions in the edifice environment

For sustainability and sustainable design, including the systems that are used in such designs, two beginnings will be used. The web site of the metropolis of Cape Town has produced a usher for smarter and more sustainable edifice. They claim that by utilizing this usher one can cut down one’s energy by 70 % . These ushers will be looked at to see if the lodging can be made more sustainable (, 2014 ) .

The 2nd beginning that will be used is a papers by the United State that explain, more in deepness, structures, systems and stuffs that needs to be used for sustainable lodging ( Golubchikov and Badyina, 2012 ) .

Sustainable solutions in the edifice environment

As an international instance survey for community Centres, what they are used for, how they can better the life of the community and how they could be designed every bit good as informations captured from this specific community in Malad, Idaho, United States of America, the on-line diary, “DESIGNING A COMPLETE COMMUNITY CENTER:

RESPONSIVE DESIGN IN A RURAL SETTING” will be used ( Tubbs, 2012 ) .

As for research in South Africa, the web site and information of the administration called NORSA will be used (, 2014 ) .

This will be used in concurrence with on-line questionnaires.


An analysis of the South African lodging crises shows that there is a demand for a cheaper lodging solution that can be produced at a faster rate and maintain a better life style.


The range of the research will be limited to degrading the costs of low cost lodging, how to rush up the production of such houses by preassembling the houses or some parts of the houses and to utilize systems to do the houses more sustainable and hence convey down the monthly costs. Along with this, communal countries and community Centres will besides be researched as to assist with other basic demands such as nutrient.

Case surveies of both national and international lodging solutions will be researched as to plan the best solution. This is of import due to the fact that each state has jobs alone to itself but can besides be adapted to be used in different states.

The lodging will be researched as a basic signifier that is suited for most and will non include particular characteristics for particular demands. As the houses will be designed for a basic human demand, no consideration will be given to different cultural backgrounds and will merely turn to the basic demands of any human being.


Research will be done utilizing informations captured by the national South African nose count and dependable beginnings in the different bomber Fieldss such as prefabricated lodging, sustainable lodging and low income lodging.

This information will be processed and analysed to happen the best possible solution for the lodging crises of South Africa. The information will be divided into their ain chapters harmonizing to their sub classs and so concluded as the concluding design or merchandise.


Undertaking name

Finalised by

Research on the lodging crises

30 April

Research on low cost lodging

14 May

Research on prefabricated lodging

28 May

Research on sustainability

4 June

Research community Centres and communal Aress

11 June


18 June

Finalizing first bill of exchange

28 June

Finalizing concluding bill of exchange

28 August

Hand in



  • Chapter 1 – chapter one will be research on the lodging crises in South Africa and the solutions that are presently being used.
  • Chapter 2 – research on low cost lodging



  • Chapter 3 – research on prefabricated houses
  • Chapter 4 – research on sustainable design
  • Chapter 5 – research on community Centres and communal countries

Short term advantages

Long term advantages

  • Conclusion – a concluding design taking all the other chapters into consideration and coming up with a decision.


The expected results is that there will be some defects in the low cost lodging systems in topographic point in South Africa and by making the research and placing these defects, they can be fixed. By uniting all these systems and lodging solutions that are researched, a better place can be given to more people in less clip and for less money. This place that will be designed will besides convey with it a better and healthier life style and carry through more basic human demands.

Along with these places, community countries will be designed to besides assist fulfill basic human demands.





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