Pregnancy p2 life factors unit 4 Essay

During our lives we are influenced by particular life factors. These can be genetic factors that we inherit from our parents that we cannot control, such as Cystic Fibrosis. Or they could be Biological factors (caused when a baby is in the womb) for example, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome. Environmental factors, for example chemicals and pollution. Socio-economic factors such as, how much money our parents have may prevent us from affording certain things to keep us as healthy as we want to be. Finally, lifestyle factors may influence our choices, including whether we smoke, take up exercise etc. All of these factors can impact on an individual’s development. This task will allow you to explain how.

What you need to produce:

For this assignment you need to consider ‘How life factors can affect our development?’

You need to consider all 5 of the life factors
Lifestyle and

Task 1-Prepare either a booklet or leaflet about the potential effects of different life factors Discuss at least two examples of each type of life factor (see checklist) Make sure you explain how your chosen factor might affect an individual Reference websites and texts used on a separate page as well as within your text

P2: explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an individual

Unit 4: P2 Mark Sheet:

Biological Factors
(Choose two from the list and describe the possible effects on the baby) MET

Having certain illnesses during pregnancy e.g. chicken pox, rubella, flu etc. Tobacco smoking
Drugs e.g. heroin, cocaine etc.
Medication e.g. antibiotics
Thalidomide tragedy
Foetal Alcohol Syndrome