Preparing to Conduct Business Essay

Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part 1 The organization: City of Santa Fe Problem: Decrease of tourism in 2011 The Purpose of Research * The Research Questions * * What is the relationship between advertisement and awareness of Santa Fe? * What is the relationship between hosting events and awareness of Santa Fe? * What is the relationship between film and awareness of Santa Fe? * * The Hypotheses In an effort to increase tourism within Santa Fe it is essential that awareness be made of the Land of Enchantment.Typically individuals seek to travel to a destination that offers relaxation, natural beauty, avenues to reduce stress, promotes equality and have a sense of originality. All qualities can be highlighted with regard to the ‘City Different.

’ Tourism is advertised in most hotels, magazines, brochures and commercials. Santa Fe needs to be highlighted in each genre of advertisement as there are various activities that appeal to a multitude of generations.While the mountains, snow, hiking paths may appeal to those that enjoy the great outdoors, the opera, cultural festivals and symphonies will attract both the wealthy and those seeking to experience the luxury that Santa Fe has to offer. The unique experience that Santa Fe has to offer needs to be expressed in film and advertisements.

Santa Fe offers a plethora of events that are exclusive to Santa Fe and awareness simply needs to be made. * * The Variables * Independent Variables: * Advertisement * Hosting events * Film * * Dependent Variable: * Awareness of Santa Fe * * * * * Ethical Considerations * ConfidentialityExplain participant rights and protections- right to privacy * Obtain informed consent. * Anonymity- confidentiality and nondisclosure statement. * * Appropriate Questions * * * Skewing results * * * Deception * * * Debriefing * * * Safety * * * Personal Bias * * * * Discussing the Problem * * The Significance of Finding a Solution Getting money to SF The Scope of the Research Attracting people to SF. Branding SF so it is a destination for visitors.

Not investigating other reasons why tourism is down, only focusing on gaining awareness of SF. The Magnitude of the Research The Feasibility of the Research Conclusion References