Presentation vs. Writing a Paper Essay

Presenting information differs from writing a paper about that information in multiple ways, depending on whom you ask. Writing a paper about information, you are able to provide your sources. Some people prefer to have the information on paper. Not only for more of a reliable reasoning, but so they can go back and refer to it when needed. Writing a paper has the ability to determine if the information is more biased based, rather than a presentation. Presentations can be difficult to determine the reliability of the information.

Also, with presentations, even though the information came from somewhere, most people to not include that with their presentation. Whether they did not find it of importance, or they simply forgot. On the positive side of presentations, you can tell how involved a person is with the information they are presenting. How passionate they feel about something. Even if it does not show, and they make it as least biased as possible, their body language speaks louder than the presenter themselves, do. In my personal opinion, I would rather write a paper than create a presentation.

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I feel like my efforts would be more valued seeing how much work I put into my paper. Along with the sources I have accumulated at the end. This way, whomever reads my written paper, is then able to go back and check my thinking and point me in the right direction. Whereas a presentation, people are more likely to persuade people to believe one way or the other. The information they provide within their presentation, they have the full ability to make it as negative or positive as possible. Which in turn will make certain people follow their path of beliefs. Even if they know it is not exactly how they think and/or feel.