Preventing Animal Endangerment Essay

In August 2012, the World Wildlife Fund conducted a study and found that there were 5,689 animals endangered and 10,002 that were vulnerable to becoming endangered (Statisticbrain. com). These numbers increase more and more every year. There are many motives that cause endangerment such as deforestation, poaching, and species introduction. Although people have created protection groups and funds to prevent endangerment, they are also one of the main reasons animals are at risk. There are also laws against most actions that humans take to harm animals.

In 1973, an amendment was created call the endangered Species Act of 1973 to help protect animals more, but still today animals are more likely to become endangered. America should be educated more about animal endangerment and the government should be more forceful and protective over animals. Three main reasons why animals are at risk are caused by humans. Deforestation, poaching, and species introduction are results in human actions. Deforestation is the decimation of trees on a massive scale. The reason these forests are removed is because someone, such as a company or businessman, has an idea to put a building in that spot.

Companies want to put new buildings, stores, parks, or other attractions in the animals’ habitats. Sometimes people strip these lands away of their natural features for no reason. The idea is gone, the land is empty, and the animals are left with no homes because the company decided they did not want that land anymore. Another reason is because some people just enjoy the fact of destroying something beautiful. Vladimir Lenin, for example, would tear down forests just so he could put a train track going across that land.

This transportation was not created as a shortcut or even to get to a certain destination; it was created so that he could admire the destruction he caused to the forests. Animals are often illegally murdered for a feature on their body. This is called poaching. Poaching occurs all over the world and is an enormous reason for animal endangerment. It happens from the cold habitats of Antarctica to the warm habitats of Cousine Island, Seychelles. This island is located in the Indian Ocean next to Africa. In Tropical Island Recovery, the book states, “Poaching has always been a problem for Cousine” (13).

People poach and kill animals for their body parts to create multiple objects, such as furniture, clothing, medicines, and food. They could sell those items or just their body parts to the black market. That is one of the main places people preform illegal trading and selling. There are many laws against poaching that include high fines but people rarely get caught. Another reason is species introduction. This is when an animal is moved from its original habitat and placed in another. Some people do this intentionally for experimental purposes or accidentally for personal purposes.

People put animals in different habitats to record data on how they react to unusual surroundings. For an example, a scientist puts a type of monkey in a gorilla habitat and record how the monkey reacts to the change. Others preform species introduction accidentally by transferring an animal to another habitat for their own benefit. For an example, a fisherman wants to have crappie in his pond, so he catches some from the lake and places them in there. This is highly dangerous for the animals being moved and the animals that are already that habitat.

There are many laws that help protect animals. Poaching is highly illegal everywhere in the world, but it still happens. These laws are not taught enough and they should be voiced more. The laws about animal endangerment should also be enforced more. The government does a lot to protect Americans but do they do enough to protect the animals? There are some protection groups and funds, but they are not forceful enough. These groups do not grab the attention of Americans like they should. Fundraisers and groups should be expressed through more than just the television and commercials.

There should be fairs and fundraisers that people can physically attend. That way the people know where their money is going and receive more information on how they are saving another life. The Endangered Species Act of 1973 was created to help protect animals. Some of the amendments it holds the protection from trade, protection from poaching, and that all endangered animals receive a conserved piece of land. “Critical habitat is defined as specific areas that are essential to the conservation of a species and that may require special management or protection. ” (fs. fed. us).

The government should do more set ups to catch the poachers. For an example, they could put an animal in a place where poaching continuously happens and use the animal as bate to lure in the violator. That is one way to serve justice and capture the people that murder these animals. Someone could argue to this topic and say that animals are being protected as much as they can but they are not. People are not informed enough about the dangers of some of the actions they perform. The protection groups that America has are decent but they could be improved by hosting more functions.

There should be more funds to help raise money for the conservation centers. This could help America have more of these places for animals to go when they are in danger. People could also argue that the laws are enforced as well as be which is wrong. The laws that were created are highly effective because they include outrageous fines but people do not get in trouble like they should. If they did then there would not be so much poaching and trading going on in the World. Some people could argue and just say the animals that do not make just simply do not make it.

Animals that cannot survive in the wild should not be there. William Cronon wrote an essay, “The Trouble with Wilderness”, over the wild being a human creation, so humans should not protect it because they made it in the first place. He claims that the wilderness is the problem and not the humans. Cronon states, “Wilderness can hardly be the solution to our cuture’s problematic relationship with the nonhuman world, for wilderness is itself a part of the problem” (534). One way to prevent animal endangerment is knowledge. One way Americans could be more educated is to teach students in high school more about it.

They should have class period dedicated to endangered species for one day. There could also be events or presentations in schools to educate the students more. The students learning about the dangers humans can cause at young age will help prevent it from happening in the future. When someone gets a license for a concealed handgun, they must go through a very long class to get certified, so another way to help educate people could be to put a segment in that class dedicated to poaching. Poaching happens with a gun and that could be a way to stop it from happening.

There are many things that humans do that endanger animals, even unintentionally. Americans, as should all peoples, be aware of such actions and the disastrous consequences they can cause among the circle of life. Horrible people preform actions to harm animals on purpose, such as poaching. Some people do it without realizing they are harming animals, such as the fisherman and the crappie. The education of animal endangerment can help prevent these horrid events from happening. It could help save the animals that are scarce on this Earth. America should think more about what they harming and the world around them.

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