Pride And Prejudices Essay

Revolution as well as evolution does not follow either the rules of society or of morality. They follow the rules of life. The rules of life are subtle, subliminal and subconscious * Elizabeth was unaware of Darers interest until his proposal. Except for the natural rivalry of Caroline and the wisdom of Charlotte, no one knew of his interest in her. Romance of any degree is noticed all round. Maybe it is one definition of romance that it cannot be hidden from the public eye.

As Dairy was a vehicle of evolutionary pressure, naturally It escaped everyone and characteristically Elizabeth herself. In Dairy, the social energies took on the vesture of a passionate romantic love which overpowered him. * All the energetic initiatives of Mrs.. Bennett in the beginning of the story and again during the second visit of Bentley are readily cancelled by circumstances. When Bentley comes on his own, he engages himself to Jane.

Even here, during his first visit, because of Mrs.. Bonnet’s initiative to leave the lovers alone, nothing happens.In a purely positive rich atmosphere, Elizabeth visits Pimpernel. Caroline Introduces a bad note and spoils the wholesome beauty of the hour. The news of the elopement of the next day Is indicated by the mean intrusion of Caroline at Pimpernel. Elizabeth, though she was shy of Lydia and her mother’s behavior at the dances, was not mortified by what they were otherwise or at other times.

It is true nothing depressed her beyond the moment. It is equally true that her compunctions about the low breeding of her sisters was only skin deep.In wishing Cane’s wedding with Bentley, it did not strike her even once that her family would be objectionable to Blindly. Even when they all left for London, Elizabeth rightly understood the true cause as the manipulations of his sisters. What occurred to all of them never occurred to her.

No wonder, having been brought up by Mrs.. Bennett and having received no offers for any of her sisters until Jane was 23, she felt no natural shyness of what the family was. Not even when Dairy abused her did it come to her on her own. Only when Dairy wrote about the various members of the Emily did her eyes open.It led her to introspection and to acceptance of the truth of Darers letter.

For one In her position, It Is a remarkable turnaround of emotions. Her meeting Dairy was not accidental, nor was it a chance. It was a direct life response to her changed emotions that were powerful. Every event in this story, or for that matter, any story, can thus be explained. The change of heart on the part of the recipient to receive the prodigious social benefits is the success of the social force that tried to change the revolution into evolution. Fee emerges by overcoming contradictions. Hence the irresistible attraction of the adventure.

Adventure seeks its own higher fulfillment in the opposition of contradictions and overcoming them. All growth is knowledge overcoming ignorance. Man is conceived by the woman as a blend of the male and female forces. Man’s greatest fulfillment is to find his reconciliation in the woman.

That is the highest adventure Nature has set forth before him.