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You may either copy and paste this document Into a word processing program of your choice or print this page. Procedure: Part l: The Dissolving of Solid Sodium Hydroxide In Water Measure out approximately 205 ml of distilled water and pour It Into the calorimeter. Stir carefully with a thermometer until a constant temperature Is reached.

Record the volume of water and the constant Minimal temperature of the water on your data table.Place a plastic measuring trough on top of the dealt balance, and then zero the lance (press the tare button) so that the mass of the trough will be “Ignored” and Hill not be added to the total mass measured by the balance. Measure out approximately three to five scoops of solid sodium hydroxide and record the mass to your data table. Place the solid sodium hydroxide into the water in the calorimeter and replace the lid immediately.

Stir gently until the solid is completely dissolved and record the highest temperature reached. Part II: The Reaction of Sodium Hydroxide Solution with Hydrochloric Acid Measure out approximately 100 ml of 0. 0 M hydrochloric acid solution and 100 ml f 0. 50 M sodium hydroxide solution.

Record both volumes on your data table. Pour the hydrochloric acid solution into the calorimeter. Measure and record the initial temperature of each solution and record on your data table. Add the sodium hydroxide solution to the acid solution in the calorimeter and immediately replace the lid of the calorimeter. Stir the mixture and record the highest temperature reached. Insert a complete data table, including appropriate significant figures and units, in the space below. Also include any observations that you made over the course of Part Part II:Calculations Show your work and write a short explanation with each calculation. Part l: Norte out a balanced “equation” for the process you investigated in Part l, including phase symbols.

Noah OH – An+ Calculate the number of moles of sodium hydroxide dissolved. Show your work. 2. 53* Noah x 1 nominal/39. Gig Noah = . 0634 mol Noah Calculate the amount of energy involved in this dissolving process. Show your work.

Zorn x 4. J/cog x 3. 6 = 3009. 6] or 3. 0096 k Determine the enthalpy change, per mole of sodium hydroxide dissolved. Show your nor.

2. Gig x 1 nominal/39. Gig Noah x 3.

Jack/1 melanoma = . Jack phase symbols. Determine the enthalpy change of this reaction, per mole of the balanced equation. Show all of your work.

Conclusion: Using the experimental enthalpy change values that you calculated above, along with “hat you have learned about He’s law, estimate the enthalpy change value for the following process: Noah (s) + HCI (as) -+ Niacin (as) + H2O (l) Show all of your work in detail, and write a few sentences to explain what you did to solve this problem. If the accepted enthalpy change value for the dissolving of sodium hydroxide in Neater is -44. Lossless per mole, determine the percent error of the experimental ‘alee that you calculated in Part l. Show your work. If the accepted heat of reaction for the naturalization of hydrochloric acid with sodium hydroxide is -56. 0 kilojoules per mole, determine the percent error of the experimental value that you calculated in Part II.

Show your work. Using the accepted values of the processes you’ve examined, would your estimation of the enthalpy change for the reaction of solid sodium hydroxide in aqueous hydrochloric acid change from the prediction you made in question one?Explain your answer in complete sentences. Give a detailed explanation, using what you know about bonds and forces of attraction, for the enthalpy changes you observed in parts I and II of this lab.

Explain [our answer in complete sentences. If the hole for the thermometer in a calorimeter is wider than the diameter of the thermometer, leaving a gap between the lid and the thermometer itself, how do you think this would this affect the temperature change observed in the experiment? How Mould this affect the calculated enthalpy change? Explain your answers in detail.