Pride And Prejudice Book Report Essay

These devices allow one to deliver messages within seconds of resign send instead of handwriting and posting letters to one another. Technology has become extremely advanced; manual labor in the home has nearly been vanished. Machines can now sweep the floor, wash the clothes, clean and dry dirty dishes. Oh how Mrs. Bonnet’s nerves would be delighted! Education is now a resource of all, unlike the way our beloved Bonnet’s were raised, today not even financial difference ceases one from attending school.

Governments have now realized the potential of educated citizens and they allow and encourage both genders to attend an educational institution of any kind. The evolution of the sights of women was a wave of feminism and women’s movement. Firstly we were concerned largely with gaining the right to vote and to stand for election In parliament. Secondly we focused on gaining equality with men in other areas, such as work, the law and general social standing. Lastly it revolutionized many different aspects of life and presented a broader challenge to traditional ideas of women’s rights.

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All of this took place because of strong-willed and Independent women that stood up for equality; women that carried many of Elizabethan traits and qualities. In this current society marriage has become a choice to make and not a law of society. Human coupling and uncoupling has progressed Into something more humane, and approachable for anyone. Marriage is no longer a financial stability for women, but a commitment to one another, conjugal Join is now something special Matrimonial law has become unprejudiced, and as Mrs..

Bennett would never believe, easy to withdraw from if unhappy with the relationship. Women have earned rights, and a divorce has become a very common ending to marriage. Contrasting to Mrs.. Bonnet’s behavior, mothers are no longer motivated to marry off her daughters, on the contrary, they prefer that their daughter lives a happy life, and becomes Independent from a man by achieving a high level of education and career pathway. Unfortunately Jane, the three common social classes still exist we may find some small differences yet, and the basic outline of class is still here.

Starting from the bottom, the lowest class, with incomes at or below the poverty line is primarily made Jp of the long-term unemployed, the homeless. Above this group is the working class, usually defined as uneducated workers such as transported, factory workers and laborers. The middle class, where we would find our Bonnet’s; they are made up of manically stabled families, they have comfortable homes, however without many luxuries and superfluities. In most occasions both the male and female would be Morning to sustain the family.

If one with such wealth of Charles Bentley were to be looking for a home, one would agree that the most suitable place would be the penthouse of an expensive apartment block. A penthouse is an apartment on the top floor of a tall building, often luxuriously fitted and offering fine views. Overall, you will find that education and careers have been significantly revolutionized, especially for women. Women have been extremely successful in rating books and novels. In addition many of the most successful authors, with record selling novels have been females.

You would be astounded with our Independence and liberation; discrimination against women is considered tremendously imprudent and foolish. I personally enjoy living in the modern era due to the sense of freedom that I believe would be difficult to obtain in the Regency Era, however I do consider you lucky to have lived in a time with manners, etiquette and men who encounter rational qualities. Such ways of life are merely ever seen in the twenty-first century. Sincerely, Lucia Menses