print(“Hello four years, apart from the curriculum

print(“Hello World”) – wasn’t
just a piece of code a demo of programming but my first interaction with the
programming world in eleventh grade and since then I have never looked back. My
interest in logical and computational thinking has allowed me take up mathematical,
computing and technical subjects. In the eleventh and twelfth grade, I learnt
and experimented with different programming algorithms in C, C++ and machine
language. I took forward the learning of these two years and the zeal to put my
learning into more practical application with under-graduation in electronics

In the four years of engineering
at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology, I was able to take my learnings
forward on programming and technology basics. I learnt various technology aspects
and honed my skills with C, VHDL, object oriented programming C++, digital
logic design, mathematics, micro-processor, micro-controller architecture and
programming, telecommunication, computer organization and VLSI. During these
four years, apart from the curriculum build, I have participated in the
additional courses for CCNA, Robotics and RedHat Linux to pursue more practical
knowledge across the horizon in the technology space. Apart from technical
learning, organizing events at our college cultural and technical festivals
helped me explore my creative mind to testing my ideas by putting them in the
form of fun competitive events. These cultural and technical festivals helped
showcase my conflict management, negotiation and people management skills.

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The foundation knowledge gathered
during these four years helped me get an excellent techno-functional role at
Technical Cell at Security Solutions Division, Godrej and Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd
during the on-campus placement. I wanted to work in industry, so that I could
utilize my skills and learning through under-graduation. In these early days of
my career, I grabbed the opportunity to coordinate the BMS installation project
as I had an inclination towards managing the project and experience the use of
technology to address business need. Unlike programming a controller or
software, here I was part of the team involved in installation of the sensors
and BMS system at the client’s location. I was managing a team of seven
technicians to ensure proper installation, system testing and coordinating with
client’s electrical and construction vendors. With the help of this system the
entire building PA, Accesses and Alarms could be managed from a control room.
This was one of the best examples I witnessed at an early stage of my career on
how technology can simplify the laborious tasks.

Working on multiple embedded
system, I was more curious to further understand the design and development of
ASIC. Taking my interest forward in understanding the technology and using my
computation skill, I joined Maven Silicon training center where I learnt the
RTL designing and verification languages. Leveraging new programming skills to
design optimized ASIC and its verification environment. Later, I shifted gears
to Design Engineer II, with Appsconnect Technologies Pvt. Ltd., where I got an
opportunity to lead a team of five engineers at a client’s location for front
end verification of their designed SOCs. Here, I had my first professional
consultation experience while working for our client DRDO (Defense Research and
Development Organization). Due to my technical expertise and better
understanding of the client’s SOC (product), I was part of the design team
where I consulted on the chip design features that would address the client purpose
of connecting peripherals to the SOC. My work was appreciated by our client and
it was a proud moment for me when our client specifically requested my services
for their next product. This leadership role with client facing experience
helped me further explore my leadership and management skills and thus was a
motivation for me to pursue Master’s in management studies.

Further, I joined Sydenham
Institute of Management Studies and 
honed my business acumen with subject such Business Mathematics, Economics,
Financial Management, Information Technology Management, Strategic Management
and Project Management. In addition, to the curriculum, I took up multiple
internships across  human resourcing
domain, market research (primary and secondary), financial reports analysis,
strategy development and product development which provided me a platform to
work on real-time industry projects. My internship at Acumen Consulting for
primary market research gave me an opportunity to work on industry project. I
honed soft skills and interviewing skills by leading a team of six members to
conduct face to face interviews with existing commercial space owners and
tenants. My leadership skills and contribution as an intern were much
appreciated. Next, as an intern with, I got an opportunity to
contribute towards strategy development of Land department for the ecommerce
based real estate aggregators for whom the major stakeholders involved in land
dealing were from rural market. Here, I did a primary research in understanding
the sentiments of the rural market and identified the challenges that were
involved in entering the market and bringing Land deals to an online platform.
My efforts and diligence in the defining the go-to market strategy was
responded by an extended internship with During this extended
internship I leveraged on the market analysis and strategic information to
develop the wireframes for the mobile application for gathering complete
information of seller’s land and ecommerce platform. This was my first exposure
towards binding the IT strategy with business strategy which encouraged me to
take up the role of consultant in the IT service industry on completion of my

With my increased interest
towards the techno-functional domain, I grabbed the Consultant role at
Capgemini Technical Services India Ltd. through our campus placement. As a
consultant, I closely worked with business and technical teams to setup
standard ITSM processes for minimal disruption to the business. For Burberry, I
planned the Transition phase of SDLC in synchronization with
project/development team, solution architects, technical support team and
business users. For another client – GT, an American based audit firm, I have
actively managed the knowledge transfer and knowledge retention while
transitioning support services from GT internal IT to Capgemini Services team.
New Services were setup for GT users with a right shore model. I worked closely
with business analyst and IT directors of GT to setup ITIL based support
processes and ensure minimal disruption to business during the handover of

Through my experience at
Capgemini, I have learnt the ITIL standard services that enable organizations
to manage their IT services and work in agile methodology to develop technical
solutions for their business needs. Working in line with customer to support
their strategy, I developed an inclination to work with interest in taking my
career to the next level and work with such businesses to build and drive their
technology solutions which in turn will drive their business decisions and

Looking for my answers and out of
interest, I have already started my quest with a live online course on Data
Analytics using Python and & R, Machine Learning (Deep Learning and Data
Visualization using Tableau. In this course I will be working on few real world
projects from Ecommerce, Retail and Banking industry. In next six months, this
initiative will help me narrow the gap that I have observed in my skill set compared
to recent undergraduates, for whom the curriculum has evolved with technology.

While setting up IT services for
various global clients, I have observed that every business is striving to
enhance their customer experience and the technology is shaping itself in this
direction. As Brian Solis (Principal Analyst at Altimeter) states “Customer
experience is the single biggest catalyst for digital transformation”, we are
now in the Experience era moving ahead of the era of ERP and CRM. In this era,
the huge data collection – Big Data and data analytics coupled with the
emerging cloud technologies and IoT are ensuring that customers, be it
suppliers, consumers or employees have the best experience in terms of
simplicity, reliability, value, speed and trust. Business strategies are now
built based on the real time analysis of the big data and technology solutions
are designed to enable these strategies. This inclination and thirst to work on
the holistic solution has urged me to pursue Master in management information
systems that will provide a plethora of opportunities to learn in a more
practical manner that will help me leverage my experience. A balance of
technical and business courses will prepare me to meet the industry
requirements with evolving Technology.

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Post completion of my Master’s in
Information systems, I wish to work as a technology consultant with likes of
PWC where I will perform analysis of the vast available data and suggest
effective and workable technology solutions to clients across industry domains
for achieving their business goal. As I learn and work on industry solution, I
will climb up the ladder to take up a leadership position of a CIO eventually.

I hope your esteemed institute will
help me pursue this endeavor by accepting my application for Masters of
Information System Management.