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Prior to the day, theUniversity had limited ways to engage their former students. Communicationswere through postal mail, letters, phone numbers or magazines. Since the alumniare likely to be geographically scattered in search of their careers, theuniversities lost much efforts to reach alumni as affected by publication andmailing costs. Most communications were informative in nature and notinteractive.

Alumni interest and participation in university news was usuallyhigher in individuals those who were stationed within a proximity to theuniversity, or those who have partners live there.  In Wollega University,the community service and industrial linkage office maintains informationmanually about alumni students. This does not allow efficient data managementand retrieval process. Often the information may not be available on time.Inside the administrative office several activities performed which benefitsgraduated as well as the university itself. The office uses computer to recorddifferent data of the alumni which is maintained at individual database i.e.building innumerable excel sheets and papers which is timely delay process.

These sheets may be collected by the organization and shared with all thealumni but this activity may not be frequent. Email IDs and phone numbers maybe freely shared and can lead to excessive spam mails. This apparent lack ofprivacy will force many alumni to avoid sharing of their details to fellowalumni. All the information regarding the alumni has only accessed by the officemanager and other bodies have not any information, the activity performed bythe office and how the alumni system operates. Even if the alumni may become amember, there is no any meeting of the whole member about how we run thesystem.

Each member doesn’t make interaction with each other and there is no amethod of expressing their suggestion about the association. The existingsystem has the following formation methods.Ø  Theassociation has general congress which includes all members.Ø  Thosewho lead the congress are chairman, secretary and one member.Ø  Thegroup has one executive comity and three different sub comities that areselected on the   general congress.