Privacy – Cyber Ethics Essay

Even with this setting. Privacy may still be at risk. Content on social networking sites have put people’s reputation, jobs, and much more at risk. Information on these sites is now being used as evidence in lawsuits and grounds for being fired or even being hired. People think that the information they disclose is their right to privacy, but it doesn’t seem like the case now a days. Since we have a right to privacy in about the information we share with family and friends in real space I think that we should eave a right to privacy if we share this same information on Backbone or other places online such a Second Life.

Being able to share personal information with friends and family is a right, and we expect privacy while doing so. Privacy has become the most important human rights issue in this modern age. It underpins human dignity and other key values such as freedom of speech and association (Bananas & Davies). Since we are a democratic society we allow freedom of speech. With technology continuously rowing, people now express their freedom of speech over the internet. People use social networking websites to express themselves and to share personal information about themselves with friends and family.Freedom of speech and privacy come hand in hand.

If people are going to express themselves, if they feel they are getting the privacy required. Technology advancements have encouraged people to travel more since they have a cheap and easy way to stay in touch with family and friends. Since more and more people are using these social networks to communicate, more and more personal information is being disclosed.

Since people have the right to privacy In real space they should have the same rights on social networking pages. They should not be held accountable for posts they made In private on their social networking pages.Lawyers are now using people’s personal social networking pages as evidence In court rooms. In the case of Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, the defense attorney was using 2 girls’ Backbone pages as evidence to prove that the girls were not actually suffering from anorexia or bulla. (Bolos, 2008)Although the postings id not end up making it to the court room, I believe that this is a serious threat to public to others they did not intent to see the content.

People do not always write things on social websites that are always accurate.They may feel peer pressure to “rite certain things that may or may not be true to appear “cool” to their friends. This can provide misleading information that courts should not be able to use as evidence. People post information on social networks expecting it to be kept a private matter to the people that are disclosed. This information should be made available in courtroom for anyone to see. We have a right to privacy in real space, by being protected against intrusion on personal life affairs of family or publication of information (Bananas & Davies).Technology has led us to depend on social networking websites to capture the things En do, and the memories make in our life affairs.

People post pictures of their life, and events they attended on these networking sites so that their friends and family can see how they are doing. We think that these pictures posted are private and only viewable by the people they chose, but this is not always the case. Our generation from growing up online gives us a different privacy expectation. We think we can post anything on the internet and expect only a limited amount of people to see it.Bibulous, 2008) An important issue most users do not grasp is that most basic information becomes public domain on the internet can be accessible to virtually everyone. Personal details that are revealed on social networking websites are sometimes used against a person (“Is there Employers, potential employers and any other unknown users now take information on social networking pages that could lead to getting fired, or not obtaining a Job. I think that is violates our privacy rights.We have the privacy when we are at an event we should have the privacy if we choose to have pictures to capture remind us of the memories.

I do not think that people should be held accountable for things they are doing on their Backbone page, En being offered a working position. I think that this is unfair as peoples Backbone pages do not always represent who a person truly is. Given that we have the right to privacy in real space, I think that we should have the same rights in a closed community or network such as Backbone and under pseudonym in websites such as Second life.Harvard Law School student Phillip Malone says that “people are leaving much more of a trail now. ” People must realism that information posted on the internet are not as private as they may think. There are ways for others to access this information and use it to your disadvantage. The internet is not as private as one may think.

People should be careful what they post n social networking websites and avoid posting anything that could be harmful towards themselves.