Privacy for All Essay

Privacy for All “When was the last time you urinated, Justine? ” The ruckus of questioning and digital cameras capturing the moment bombards the individual. It is inevitable for celebrities to end up on some sort of magazine; however, society tends to forget that celebrities are human beings as well, not zoo animals. They have a private life of their own that does not pertain to society. We are like that little sibling who keeps nagging at them for more orange Juice, and we see them as our role models as we “Sis to know every aspect of their lives.Celebrities deserve to enjoy as much privacy as ordinary citizens because It Is necessary for healthy relationships, their profession should not Interfere with their private life, and the lack of privacy could harm their emotional well-being. Privacy Is needed In a relationship to get to know oneself and one another. Before beginning any relationship, whether It Is with a parent or a partner, an Individual has a relationship with himself/herself.

Celebrities, Just Like any other human being, need time alone from others to have thoughts of their own.Complete seclusion is not the answer: however, when encircled by the heavy weight of millions of eyes, isolation from the media is the ideal thing to do. Being guaranteed this privacy lets an individual grow as a person, learn their ways and create bonds with those that surround them without the immediate judgment of others.

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In addition, “why should partners and children have to be in the public eye? ” (Source E). The truth is, it is unnecessary to know their intimate secrets, much less necessary to involve their significant other and children, if any, for doing so may strain their relationship.Simply because a person chose to be a part of a specific profession does not give media the right to interlude in the boundary of what is private and what is public. The Constitution states that all individuals are equal and have rights that cannot be taken away from them. The pursuit of happiness is among those rights, yet celebrities are not being treated equal when it comes to privacy. This is crucial, for in some cases privacy equals contentment.

In addition, these individuals pursued their American Dream to reach their state of happiness (meaning they pursued careers that they enjoy).It is unreasonable to say that due to these people holding talented gifts in the arts or sports they do not get to enjoy the same privacy as those who chose other professions (Source A). At what time or place has an English teacher been bombarded by the paparazzi on her Spring Break vacation? Individuals In reversions involving computer science, welding or plumbing are never seen being followed by a crowd who urges to know their latest secret, so why should those In film making or In the NFG experience such act? Not having privacy is like not having a life; consequently, Individuals’ feelings may ND up hurt.Since the media gets paid to do what they do, they have no mercy, and the people who are not famous are attracted to what the media has to say.

A massive chunk of society’s members purchase the magazines that are publicized about celebrities (Source D). It may be entertaining to fans, but to the celebrities, especially those barely getting up on their feet, constant violation of privacy may impair them. Due to people who cannot seem to mind their own business. Plus, when awful, untrue, or humiliating phrases about their private lives are said to the public, they eight get devastated and encounter depression.It may even cause these celebrities to do things that they would not do otherwise and that later they may regret.

Although the opposition states that celebrities advertise themselves by leaking their private life to the world in order to heighten their fame, it is Just to say that not everything about their private lives is chosen to be known (Source B). A boundary must be set, for there are certain subjects that must stay private. If a celebrity chooses not to let society know about some aspects of their life, it is necessary to understand and respect their decision.Otherwise, when the media acquires such information and uses it against celebrities, or anyone for that matter, it is a form of bullying that society is too blind to acknowledge. Is bulling not illegal and discouraged on campuses? Then why is it being allowed in a world wide scale? In addition, are they not the reason why we enjoy films and watching sports? While they are living their dream, we are being entertained. Should we not thank them by giving them the space and privacy they need when they are not there to entertain us?Celebrities are simply individuals who are known by many as an icon due to their professions, yet that should not be a reason to wave their privacy because they are still human beings. Thus, they should be allowed to have privacy in order to have healthy relationships and avoid their feelings getting damaged.

We need to keep in mind that privacy is essential, and, too often, it is taken for granted. Surely, none of AS would like to lose it. It is comparable to the first time we got a door to our room, and, from then on, we did not want anyone to rudely walk in. Let’s hear it for privacy guaranteed to all!