Privacy Issues in Bulgarian Journalism Essay

Probably the most infamous case was the kidnapping of the owner of the football club “Elite Angel Benched on 22 May 2008. The ransom money was submitted by his wife Camellia, she was taken hostage o. After a long saga they were finally released. Altogether, it is widely considered that this particular incident led to journalists and police investigating more such cases and discovering that the kidnapping practice is widely spread among current or ex mafia members.

As it turned out, throughout the past 10 years, no effective sentences have been produced on any of the cases of kidnapping and the people guilty remained under cover or perhaps protection.All of a sudden a new campaign “as led by the Bulgarian Department for Fight against Organized Crime, combined Ninth the Ministry of the Interior, that was called The Impudent” aimed at the mafia members that dare to disobey the law and even commit homicide in public place, Nile firmly believing they will never be caught. Some of the people who committed the crimes were caught, but not the ones who ordered them. According to the latest data from the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Personal Data, in 2011 a huge Increase in the number of claims for privacy violation has been registered.

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From the Information presented in the official annual report of the Commission, the biggest oration of complaints concerned telecommunications, the second in number group of citizens were dissatisfied with the use of personal data on the Internet, and the third place went to Public Administration. The fact of the matter Is that the only strict application of the law is In courtrooms when It comes to presenting evidence that “as solicited without the prior approval of the source of Information.In all other cases, and especially In telecommunications, personal data agreements leave people “lath practically very little control over their personal Information. In the most moon case It has been used for marketing purposes. Initially, In the text messages customers receive from the mobile service operator a certain advertisement was placed. Gradually, an option came about to state that you no longer wish to receive only ad pieces come in the form of newsletters via e-mail or Just as an additional text to a message sent from the web.

Either way, we have to admit that control practices have been developing over the years.At the same time, the culture of people in that direction is also modifying, as a couple of years ago nobody even knew there was an option to complain and get a compensation for misused personal information. At the moment, the number of complaints is increasingly rising ( from 14 in 2003, to 1250 in 201 1), as well as the public consciousness and the development of the pro-active civil society. In conclusion, privacy violations in Bulgaria have been a common practice for many years, now a new trend is appearing – that of people completely conscious of their rights and freedoms, and unwilling to accept violations to their right of privacy.