Privacy Laws and Policies Debate Essay

Upon sing this hebdomads reading every bit good as traveling through other pupil statements about why they are against communicating privateness Torahs and policies. I feel even more strongly about them being important for success. Those who fear being watched are the 1s who know they are making incorrect. Companies have the right to see what is traveling on. they pay the wages of each employee.

In times like today a company needs to cognize what is traveling on within itself. This means that holding entree to computing machines. electronic mail. nomadic devices along with supervising systems in the work topographic point. Some of my fellow schoolmates to non hold with some of the patterns but per our reading in Workplace Privacy it stays that “Under the “ordinary class of business” freedom. for illustration. employers may supervise electronic mail communications if the employer can demo a legitimate concern intent for making so” ( Friedman. Reed. 2007 ) . If employees know that they are being closely watched it decreases the opportunities of them non working or rip offing the company.

Some may reason that from our reading it says “While employers have many legitimate grounds to supervise employees’ electronic communications. they besides need to see negative deductions of increased employee monitoring in footings of the consequence of such patterns on employee perceptual experiences and attitudes” ( Friedman. Reed. 2007 ) . For me this does non work because if you are scared of being seen on camera or holding person go through work points so you are clearly making something you should non be. Any individual who owns a company would hold that the best manner to remain in concern is cognize what is traveling on within your company.

Friedman. B. . & A ; Reed. L. ( 2007. June ) . Workplace privateness: Employee
dealingss and legal deductions of supervising employee e-mail usage. Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal. 19 ( 2 ) . 75.