Internet Privacy Violations Essay

Government Is meant to be useful and to protect those wealth the country, but what if by protecting you, citizens lose complete and utter privacy, is this then okay because it’s helpful due to security purposes or is it an invasion upon your rights? Government has maintained nondisclosure over what they’ve been monitoring in your personal life. Recently these ideas have been exposed through treason as it should technically be called. Why have these security precautions caused such a stir? It’s helping the government; It’s protecting those who are Innocent.Although It Is an issue that both ends of the spectrum are truthful, why be afraid If you’re an Innocent individual, in essence you’re being a help to everyone.

The need for security should generally be put above all other scenarios, based off of safety and threats to our country. As of recent, government has found little ways to enhance security in public. In countless states thieve installed security cameras on street lights Cameras are not meant to be concerning for your personal life, It’s meant to enforce laws and be completely accurate.They’re the same as a policing tool, such s guns, not as extreme though, cameras evidence is more reliable. It eliminates the risk of being wrongfully ticketed. As well as accurately reading the correct license plates. These cameras are also a good source for evidence. Another use for cameras is placing them along buildings, or Just overall in a public environment.

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The use of these specific cameras is to catch crimes as they are happening. It stops the risks of a he said, she said situation.In a recent turn of events the use of cameras was a huge help In Identifying criminals.

Many may be aware of the Boston Marathon Bombing, due to the use of cameras and surveillance hey were able to identify the criminals in substantial time. Imagine if that would have happened without cameras near; those men could be out of the US or we could still be searching for them. But some may see this as an invasion of their personal privacy; It’s a useful and essential tool.

Although you can find many good uses of these cameras there are also negatives that should be explained. Irreverence raises three kinds of exposure, financial cost, threats to civil liberties, and power imbalances. Even if deciding the presence of cameras and surveillance are necessary, how would government pay for these? Surveillance could monitor our reading, web surfing, and private communications threaten our Intellectual privacy. This information Is seen as power, watchers can use their Information gathered to Influence behavior, perhaps stop a crime, but also to persuade, categorize, and potentially to discriminate, and honestly blackmail.

We as a society should work on surveillance on our own with the commitment to a free society. Privacy can be defined as many deferent things, but to most privacy is seen as a mandatory right as an individual and as an American. This past May the Obama administration took a step towards protecting the population’s security rights.

A administration has proposed a Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights, stating that consumers should have greater control over what information gets collected.This law Mould require tech companies to make their rules and regulations easier to understand for the consumer. Most companies are not willing to abide by this new progressing law; some have even tried to gather more information about its users than before. In a recent press conference with several top tech companies including, Kazoo, Microsoft, Google, and AOL, they have committed to use the do not track genealogy in Web browsers, which could make it easier for people to control how much they’re tracked as they move around the internet.In the state of California a long overdue bill has Just been brought up, it’s called the Right to Know Act.

This law would force companies such as Google and Backbone to reveal what personal information they have collected and how it’s being used. Civil liberty organizations and women’s groups have been urging the passing of this law. Some have called personal information, “the webs gold mine. ” Tech companies are arguing that it’s a threat to their business models. Finally after years there are signs that the public is beginning to demand greater privacy rights.Senate committee endorsed an amendment to a federal law that will give greater privacy protection by requiring the government to get a search warrant when it wants to read peoples email. As for now Californians Right to Know Act is an important, yet modest first step.

Just as there are things the government is helping with when it comes to privacy, there are also ways that they are invading privacy. “NSA collects millions of emails, texts, and phone calls daily. FBI has 1. 5 billion government and private sector records bout US citizens collected from commercial databases. 2 million people in the US have their fingerprints on file with the FBI.

Over 126 million people have their fingerprints, photographs, and biological info accessible on the US Department of Homeland Security Automated Biometric Identification System. DNA of more than 10 million people is available to FBI. Information on more than 2 million people are available in Scattered Castles (Intelligence Community Security Clearance Repository) as well as information on over 740,000 people is included in Terrorist Identities Dammar Environment. The FBI admits it has 3,000 GAPS tracking devices on cars of unsuspecting people in the US right now.

All of this info was collected by Bill Squiggly of Informs. Despite its positivist in new laws, government is still tracking unsuspecting citizens’ info without permission. In a situation as those explained, I see points in both arguments.

If you have nothing to hide, what’s so wrong with the government checking what’s going in your life for the safety of the nation? I’d doubt that they listen word for word what you discuss over the phone if it’s inauspicious, and I doubt that they’ll check every little hinge you do unless it’s a danger to others.