Private life shouldn’t be a public knowledge Essay

In life there are some things which should be private. But lately we have reached a point where privacy has become a real utopia. After all, what is the point of telling everyone what you feel or what you have, if this could be used against you? We, of course, share some moments of our life with our friends, family or whatever type of relatives. But, not every single detail should be totally released, as of a question of security. Secrets make life more exciting, and also permit everyone to control its own life and privacy, as they can be as well dangerous. Indeed, the most intimate secrets cannot stay hidden forever.

Living is made up of many difficulties, challenges, but also some feelings that play an important role on making us happier. I am now talking about the feeling of loving someone. Love is a special feeling, strange, deep, hard to control but certainly marvelous, as it gives you the will to wake up every morning smiling because of that person. And should such an intimate feeling be shared with everyone? Our love lives should remain private because of different reasons. Would our friends understand about how we feel, or simply remain skeptical, criticize our choices and make fun of us?

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Everyone is different on his own way; although love is universally applicable, not every person will have the same way of showing its feelings. And this is probably why it is so hard for others to understand our choices. So, instead of sharing our feeling and our love life with everyone, we should make our living easier by keeping our feelings as private as possible. In this way we all ignore problems and gossips. Besides our love lives, our family lives should remain private. Family means love trust, being together, sharing, understanding, communication, caring, listening, and having space.